A Simple Guide for Buying Fridges for Your Home

fridge price in Pakistan

There are several kinds of refrigerators that are available in the market right now. And in fact, as you are reading this piece, a new fridge might already have entered the market with highly advanced features and the latest technology. Well, we’re here with a comprehensive or detailed guide related to the most famous kinds of fridges or refrigerators that you could select for your house in Pakistan.

Most famous types of refrigerators in Pakistan

This doesn’t matter where you live in the country, if you search the local markets, you’ll discover that there are five most famous kinds of refrigerators that you could find for your kitchen within Pakistan.

After telling you five different varieties of fridges, we’ll give you a brief outline of each design and price of a fridge and will help you select the best choice as per your requirements and budget. These refrigerators are:

  1. Bottom-freezer refrigerators
  2. Top-freezer refrigerators
  3. French door refrigerators
  4. Double-door refrigerators
  5. Mini & compact refrigerators

Top-freezer refrigerators

Price of a top-freezer refrigerator in Pakistan: 

PKR 40,000 – PKR 100,000

The top-freezer refrigerator is the combination of a fridge and deep freezer. And, first product of the best refrigerators list for your home is a top-freezer refrigerator. The classic combo of a fridge and deep freezer is the top choice for each Pakistani house. Owing to the size, durability, and energy-efficient feature, such iceboxes never become old-fashioned. These iceboxes are compact generally, and the best thing about top-freezer refrigerators is these appliances make food items easily accessible. Well, the top-freezer refrigerator is ideal for small families and individuals who live alone.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators

Cost of a bottom-freezer refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 100,000 – PKR 130,000

The bottom-freezer refrigerators are made from top-notch materials. There are many sorts of fridges in the market nowadays. When each kind of refrigerators differs according to its brand; style; and cost, a bottom-freezer refrigerator is in our list of the best fridges for multiple causes. If you desire a freezing unit that is coupled with a fridge, the bottom-freezer fridge is the best choice. Such fridges are made of top-notch materials, and these are sold in a range of colours. Well, if you’re used to little bending, this type is usually all you require to access your stored food items that are present in the icebox.

French-door refrigerators

Price of a French-door refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 95,000 – PKR 365,000

Hmm, French-door refrigerators are impressive for luxury buyers and extensive families. And, owing to the unique style, classic features, and aesthetic range, French-door refrigerators are perfect choices for luxury buyers that have large families. These are also great for people who run a food business from their homes or receive guests at their places most of the time. The particular varieties of such freezing boxes are available that have spacious bodies, adjustable racks, wide shelves, latest features, and easy-to-open doors that make easy for you to store everything from uncooked meat to semi-cooked frozen food products.

Double-door refrigerators

Worth of a double-door refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 130,000 – PKR 150,000

The double-door refrigerators are known as side-by-side refrigerators as well. Well, the double-door refrigerators are among Pakistan’s most favourite kind of refrigerators for home use. Their fame is due to their split and smooth design mainly; plus, such refrigerators are attaining popularity among homeowners. Some of the best attributes of these fridges are these appliances make grabbing everything from the fridges completely easy without bending down or bringing a stool. Everything is placed at the eye-level; also, these fridges are top choices for individuals that have physical limitations such as backaches and for senior members of a family who don’t have reliable body balance.

Mini & compact refrigerators

Cost of a mini refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 15,000 – PKR 25,000 

Well, bedroom refrigerators are efficient cooling boxes. If you desire to purchase a deep-freezer, but you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, we have a good piece of news for you. In the situations, where you want to save money on your purchase, lessen your utility bills, and acquire a new refrigerator at the same time, we have something to show you. And that is a mini-refrigerator or compact refrigerator that is known as a bedroom refrigerator in the local lingo. Such appliances are quite efficient cooling boxes. The devices not only take less space but also give you extra cold storage without the need for purchasing a huge freezer. Ready to know more, keep on reading then!

What are the best brands that are sellers of refrigerators in Pakistan?

We reviewed a lot of brands online for finding the best fridges for your kitchens. And, after some in-depth research, we found some sellers that are popular in your region. So, the most successful sellers of fridges or refrigerators in Pakistan are:

Haier and its refrigerators:

Haier Group Corporation that is also called Haier is an international household appliances firm of China that is based in Shandong. And, this brand has been serving customers for a lot of decades credibly.

Regarding the multiple refrigerators of Haier, we noticed during our review or analysis that these machines have notable icing technology for rapid cooling, a removable anti-fungal gasket for ensuring food protection against fungi, big cooling pads for providing adequate coolness, strong glass shelves for storing your eatable products, twin inverter compressor for saving electricity, and powerful dual fan for maintaining fresh odour within the internal sections.

Dawlance and its fridges:

Dawlance is a household appliances company of Pakistan that is a subsidiary of a Turkish firm called Arçelik. This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Also, founded in 1980, the company was attained by Arçelik in the year, 2016. Plus, Dawlance has been serving its clients for multiple decades dependably.

Well, Dawlance refrigerators contain European technology; plus, these items cool your food products fast. The majority of these appliances have an optimized fan with deodorizing filter. Plus, the fridges contain side illumination LED; then, these appliances also have optimized door pockets. One more interesting point. These fridges are energy-efficient as well. And, their cooling retention is impressive for being up to 6 days.

Samsung and its refrigerators:

Samsung (a South Korean company) is one of the main manufacturers of electronic appliances in the world. Plus, Samsung is an adept in the manufacturing of electronic products that include semiconductors, memory chips, integrated systems, and digital media devices, etc.

For example, several Samsung fridges have LED displays. Then, these fridges are also energy-efficient by nature. And, the machines have smooth glass shelves, are low noise refrigerators, have anti-bacteria protectors, and have digital inverter compressors. Plus, these refrigerators have simple, minimalist, or elegant designs.

Best Samsung Refrigerator price in Pakistan:

Model Name Types Price in Pakistan
Samsung RB21KMF Bottom Mount Freezer with Digital Inverter Top Mount Fridges ₨58,320.00


Samsung RT-46H5200 Refrigerator Top Mount Fridges ₨96,600.00


Samsung RT29K5110SP Refrigerator Top Mount Fridges ₨124,200.00


Samsung RT50K6360 Refrigerator Top Mount Fridges ₨132,192.00



Hopefully, you might have understood all the points regarding the guide for buying fridges in Pakistan. Besides, Ittefaq Say sells high-quality fridges of reliable companies. And, if you desire to analyse these appliances on a trustworthy online store, do visit Ittefaq Electronics. Hmm, it might be that you could attain the item of your choice. That’s all from our side. And, until the publication of next piece on our blog, stay connected with us to get more updates.

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