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Geyser Price in Pakistan

When winter arrives across the world and people shop at the store to buy geysers, which can make their lives easier and more secure, making it possible for the family to finish all chores on time because it’ll provide hot water as soon as you open the tap to drink water. To meet the needs of everyone, a variety of geysers such as gas geysers, instant geysers, and so on are being produced and then sold on the market. Prices for geysers currently range between PKR 8500 and 47000. Take one in line with your family’s preferences, and stay sure to be.

Instant Geyser Price in Pakistan

Imagine living in winter in which you can open your faucet and perform the task in the same way you would do it in summer, without having to be fearful of freezing cold. If this isn’t the case, then this could be a part of your life since the Instant geyser is a possibility for everyone. With instant geysers, you can turn on the taps and obtain a temperature that is soothing to you. Today, the instant geyser cost varies in various models. It ranges from PKR 12000-20000.

Super Asia Instant Geyser Price in Pakistan

Are you among the people who want the possibility of a geyser that can keep the heat at bay without costing you a fortune? If so, you’re in the right spot. Super Asia is one of the brands that produce products that make life easier for people by limiting the quantity. To facilitate individual convenience it produces two types of geysers comprising gas geysers as well as instant geysers. A geyser is a source of hot water, without physical intervention. The galvanized body keeps the water warm and stored for a longer period of time. Super Asia geyser is a brand that ranges from PKR 12100 to 27500.

Nasgas Price in Pakistan

When it comes to buying geysers, Nasgas is the brand most likely to get it first. Nasgas is among the brands that are who will offer the most efficient customer service. It has developed two kinds of geysers, electric as well as instant geysers. The Nasgas Electric and Gas Geyser can hold as much as 55 gallon water at a time. A 12- 14 gauge thermostat system heats the copper pipes by using particular glass wool insulation, which works effectively throughout winter.

Storage Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan

It’s not often that you’ll be able turn on a faucet and have hot water within two minutes. the storage geyser makes this possible. Storage geysers are among the types of device that requires a huge wall to put in. It operates on a specific mechanism that ranges from 10,000-40,000.

Electric Geyser Price in Pakistan

Because of the scarcity of gas, in order to make winter a bit manageable and also to do household chores, electric water heaters come in the market to draw the attention of consumers. Electric geysers use electricity to supply you with hot water that reduces the coldness that surrounds the area. Despite being large in dimensions, it is easily placed in any home according to your preference.

Geysers & Heaters Price List

Geysers & Heaters Price in Pakistan PKR
Hanco 7L Gas Instant Geyser Water Heater 7G1 to 7G5 Rs 16,999.00
Hanco 7L Gas Instant Geyser Water Heater 710 Rs 15,999.00
Waves WWHAI-18 Water Geyser Green/Golden (18 Gallon) Rs 33,000.00
Waves WWHAI-35 Green Iron Auto Ignition Geyser (35 Gallon) Rs 41,500.00
Waves WWHAI-30 Iron Auto Ignition Geyser Green (30 Gallon) Rs 38,600.00
Singer SEWH-15 Instant Electric Geyser White Rs 20,350.00
Nasgas SEM-100 Semi Instant Electric Water Heater Rs 15,250.00
Canon 602 Instant Gas Water Geyser Stainless Steel Rs 17,700.00
Canon CA 600P Instant Geyser 6ltr Rs 17,200.00
Canon Electric Geyser CA 40LY Metal Body Rs 22,000.00