Notable Factors for Buying a Fridge (2022)

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Your refrigerator, most regularly referred as a fridge, is one of the most important machines in your home. And so, this is essential that you put a fair amount of thought in discovering the right model for your requirements.

What capacity do you require? Do you desire a top-mount freezer or a bottom freezer? Do you need extra articles? There are a lot of models to pick from and the tons of tech terms to understand. Therefore, read our buying guide below so that you could know what to look for while purchasing a best


Style and number of doors:

You need to first decide what sort of fridge you want. There are several kinds of refrigerators/fridges in the market. When you’re purchasing a fridge, you have to decide in terms of what you and your family members require. For example:

·         Capacity of a fridge:

You know the various kinds of fridges in the market, now you have to decide the size of the fridge you need, measured in terms of its interior capacity.

The first considerable factor here is the size of your family. If you’re living alone, a single door fridge is good for you. But if you have a family of six or more people, a large capacity fridge is more suitable. A general outline of the fridge capacity per family size is given below.

The next consideration for you is the space. When the people replace their old fridge, in the majority of cases, they purchase a fridge to fit into the same slot.

If you have a small slot for the fridge, please be informed that it would not hold a side-by-side fridge because these appliances are wider, and the doors remain open for opposite sides.

Plus, carefully think about how much space you actually require. If you regularly eat out, or order takeaways, you don’t require a large capacity fridge.

If you like to shop for fruit & vegetables in bulk, you might require great storage. If you store a lot of bottles in your fridge, you might require bigger door pockets. So, map out your requirements in detail before you decide what size of a refrigerator you require.

·         Price of a best fridge:

The price of the fridge is the main concern and would decide how many attributes your fridge would have.

Plus, a direct cool single door fridge would cost anywhere between Rs. 8500 to Rs. 16,500; whereas, a frost-free double door fridge would cost upwards of Rs. 16,000. On the other hand, a side-by-side or French door refrigerator, would be a lot pricier and could go up to over a lakh rupee for mid-range models and more for entirely well-designed models.

Star rating & energy use:

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) informs you how energy efficient your refrigerator is. A high star rating means more efficiency. So, always look for a blue and green colored Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) logo for ensuring the validity of EER rating.

If you’re concerned about your electricity bills, you should pick a best fridge with a high EER (coz such appliances cost less to operate), even if the appliance seems a little more costly at the beginning.

Try to find out before you purchase how many units of electricity a refrigerator employs in a year (measured in kWh [kilo watt per hour]). But kindly remember how much electricity your refrigerator actually utilizes, and the electricity bill would also rely on your usage patterns. For instance, when you keep the door open for more than necessary time, this would let the fridge employ more power as the refrigerator overworks for maintaining the fridge temperature internally.

Similarly, if you fill the fridge to its full capacity, the fridge would need more power to circulate the cold air inside. And, this is recommended that you keep the fridge 20% empty at all times for ideal air circulation. A digital/inverter compressor also makes a fridge more energy-efficient. So, please check for the compressor kind while buying a refrigerator.

Add-on features:

A basic refrigerator has less cost. And, with every additional feature installed in the appliance, the price/cost of the unit would rise.

Well, while a direct cool fridge would cost less than a frost-free fridge, a unit having a water dispenser would cost a lot more. Plus, weigh all the add-on features your fridge is offering, and check how many of these attributes you actually require.

Do you require an ice dispenser on the door of your fridge? Do you need a separate dairy compartment? Do you require a door-in-door attribute? Will a jog dial do something to adjust the thermostat, or do you require a digital display for your fridge?

Each extra feature you opt for would raise the initial outlay for you. And therefore, this is best if you decide at the very outset how many of these attributes you’d actually require and/or use when you’re purchasing the fridge.

Cleaning method for your refrigerator:

The more the compartments in your fridge, the more cleaning time this would need.

Also, check the shelf material of the fridge. A wire shelf requires more maneuvering than a solid tempered glass shelf.

And this is not just the interiors of the fridge. The exterior of a refrigerator should be easy to clean as well.

If you’re careful about keeping your appliances spotless, avoid purchasing a stainless-steel exterior because these tend to easily smudge. You should opt for a colored exterior or smudge-free finish instead.

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