Warranty Policy

ITTEFAQ Electronics offers you an opportunity to repair or replace the purchased product with a new one. This condition applies if the product possesses some manufacturing fault and the company considers the defect to be serious enough that leads to a replacement. The warranty policy may vary from product to product.

During the period of warranty, if the customer finds the fault in the product, he/she can claim the warranty under the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer should keep the purchase receipt issued by Ittefaq Electronics. Warranty card along with the purchase receipt must be presented when making a claim. No claim will be entertained in the case of absence of purchase receipt
  2. Make sure to appropriately pack the product so that no damages can occur during transportation. The packaging box must exactly be in the same condition as received with the following:
  •              User manual, accessories and other contents
  •              Detailed note with respect to the fault
  •              Copy of purchase receipt or invoice
  1. In the event if the product needs a repair under warranty, the cost of transportation to and from the Ittefaq Electronics will be borne by the customer. During transportation, the product will solely be at the owner’s risk
  2. The warranty claim is limited to the defective parts or workmanship. Any or all of the defective parts will be repaired or replaced, depending upon the intensity of the defect. This policy doesn’t apply to the attached accessories
  3. The defect caused due to misuse, inappropriate installation or operating of a machinery, accident, using incompatible or defective accessories, loss of parts, incorrect adjustment of client controls, improper care, using the product on an incorrect voltage, or repaired by a person not authorized by the distributor won’t be covered under this warranty
  4. In case the serial number of the product has either been removed or changed wouldn’t be covered under the warranty claim