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Side by Side Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 2024

Looking for the best deals on side by side refrigerators in Pakistan in 2024? Don't look any further! If you're living in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, or any other part of Pakistan the country, we've got it secured. Find the most current prices as well as options for Haier side by side fridges, Dawlance Side by side fridges and many more on Ittefaqsay Eletronics.

Introduction to Side by Side Refrigerators

Side by side refrigerators are an extremely frequent type of refrigerator that provides easy storage and the ability to access fresh and frozen meals.

Design and Layout

  • Side by side Setup: The fridge and freezer compartments sit adjacent to one another vertically which maximizes the size of the appliances.
  • Vertical Handles: Typically these fridges feature handles on both sides of the fridge, one to be used for the refrigerator and one side used for the freezer.


  • Water and Ice Dispensers: Some side by side refrigerators come with built-in water or dispensers for ice, providing the convenience of refreshing drinks.
  • Adjustable shelves: Refrigerators typically have shelves that are adjustable, which allows users to adjust the space for storage according to the needs of their household.
  • Crispers with Humidity Control:  Certain models come with Crispers that are controlled by humidity, which is great for keeping fruits and other vegetables fresh over longer durations.
  • Temperature Controls:  it provides distinct temperature control for the freezer and fridge sections that ensure the best storage conditions for various kinds of food items.


  • Simple Access: With both compartments located at eye level, it's simple to access things without having to bend downwards or bending upwards.
  • Large capacity: Side-by side refrigerators usually have plenty of storage space, which makes them ideal for bigger households.
  • Organization: The layout permits an easier organization of food items. There are separate sections for frozen and fresh food items.
  • Convenience of features such as water and ice dispensers provide ease of use to your daily routine and reduce the requirement to purchase separate water pitchers and the need for an ice tray.

Haier Side by Side Refrigerator Price in Pakistan:

Looking for Haier side by side refrigerator price in Pakistan 2024? We offer the best prices for Haier models, which include inverter side by side refrigerators. All the way from Islamabad to Rawalpindi find the best Haier refrigerator to meet your requirements and budget.

Dawlance Side by Side Refrigerator Price in Pakistan:

Find the most up-to-date Dawlance side by side refrigerator price in Pakistan 2024. No matter if you're situated in Islamabad or Rawalpindi you can find the best Dawlance refrigerator for you at the most affordable cost. Don't forget about the best deals on brand new side by side refrigerators.

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Best Side by Side Refrigerator in Pakistan:

Find the top side by side refrigerators available in Pakistan. You can choose energy efficient models, spacious styles, or the latest features of our top rated refrigerators to satisfy your demands.

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Take a step into the future with modern side by side refrigerator models. Enjoy cutting-edge technology, unique designs and exceptional efficiency. Switch to a side by Side refrigerator that can meet expectations that will be required in the near future.

Side by Side Refrigerator Price in Rawalpindi and Islamabad:

Find the best side by side refrigerators in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. If you're a fan of Haier or Dawlance or Dawlance, we have the most competitive prices on side by side refrigerators within these cities.

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Top Brands Side By Side Products Available on Ittefaq Say Electronics 2024

Side By Side Fridges Price In Pakistan March 2024


Haier HRF-678TGG T-Door Refrigerator

Rs 375,000

Dawlance DFD 900 Glass Door Inverter Sapphire

Rs 355,000

Haier HRF-622ICG Inverter Side By Side Refrigerator

Rs 290,000

Dawlance SBS 600 Inverter Black GD Refrigerator

Rs 340,000

Haier HRF-622IBS Side By Side Refrigerator

Rs 275,000

Dawlance SBS 600 Inverter Inox No Frost Refrigerator

Rs 320,000

Haier HRF-622IBG Inverter Side By Side Refrigerator

Rs 295,000

Dawlance Side by Side Refrigerator Inverter DSS


Haier HRF-578TBP Two Door Refrigerator

Rs 280,000

Haier HRF-522 IBS Two Door Refrigerator

Rs 265,000