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Floor Standing AC Price in Pakistan 2024

In the vibrant market of cooling solutions in Pakistan, the exploration of floor-standing AC prices becomes a pivotal journey for those seeking the perfect blend of comfort and affordability. As temperatures rise, so does the significance of finding an air conditioning unit that not only efficiently cools but also aligns with budget considerations. Whether embarking on the online journey or opting for the traditional in-store experience, the floor standing AC price in Pakistan unveils a world of possibilities, promising a harmonious balance between cooling efficiency and financial prudence.

Buy Floor Standing AC Online 2024

The floor-standing AC operates on the same mechanism as its counterparts. However, it is distinguished by the flexibility of its installation, which eliminates the requirement for window fixtures. This unit is more portable than the AC that's mounted on the wall. The unit's portability allows it to be easily moved, which is not possible with wall-mounted units. The floor-standing AC is more powerful than its wall-mounted counterparts and can produce a large amount of cooling air. Air is drawn into the system through freon-filled pipes, and hot air extracted from outside by a separate pipe. The floor-standing AC is a great choice for anyone looking to control their climate. Its unique blend of flexibility and efficiency makes it a top pick. 

Standing AC in Pakistan 2024

If you are looking for Floor Standing Ac price in Pakistan, Ittefaqsay Electronics is the best place. Moreover, you also get the facility of safe and secure payment methods and return facility as well. With such a feasible service, you do not need to go anywhere else to buy Floor Standing AC in Pakistan.

 Floor standing AC price in Pakistan is Rs. 314,000 and the average price of floor standing ac in Pakistan is Rs. 350,000. These units are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from two tons to four tons. While you can find a variety of brands, the most popular ones include Dawlance, Haier, Kenwood, Orient, and Gree.

Advantages of Floor Standing AC

  • Placement Versatile:

    • There are no complex window installations or specific requirements.
    • The freestanding design makes it easy to place anywhere.
  • Portability:

    • It is easy to go from room to room.
    • The ideal living space for those who are looking to adapt their home.
  • Effective Cooling for Larger Spaces:

    • The cooling system is able to deliver a large amount of air.
    • Ideal for open concept spaces or office environments, such as living rooms.
  • No Window Installation Required:

    • No need for a window. This allows you to choose the room that suits your needs.
  • Installation Ease:

    • Installation is simple compared to the other AC types.
  • Ideal for Rental Spaces:

    • Rentable properties will find it easy to uninstall and install.
  • Pricing Options for Diverse Products:

    • Price ranges to suit all budgets.
    • There are many options available, from affordable models to high-end ones.
  • New Features and Technology:

  • Features advanced technology like the inverter for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Features multiple fan speeds and air filtering systems.

floor standing ac price in pakistan

Standing AC in Pakistan

Floor Standing AC Sizes

Top Vertical Standing AC Brands in Pakistan 2024:

Almost every standard Ac manufacturing company also manufactures floor-standing ac. A few of the most popular floor air conditioners manufacturer are listed below

  • PEL

  • Acson

  • Kenwood

  • Daikin

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The Floor Standing Ac Price in Pakistan is Rs.314000. You can however get it for a lower price by taking advantage of the current sale on Daraz. The Floor Standing AC comes equipped with all the features necessary to meet your requirements.Floor Standing Ac is one of the most popular products in Pakistan because it has a reasonable price and features that are top-notch.

Floor Standing AC Price in Pakistan

Dawlance Floor Standing AC Glamour 45-FS


GREE GF-24TFIH Floor Standing AC 2-Ton T-Fresh


Haier HPU-24HDZ-(W) 2.0 Ton Inverter Floor Standing


Haier Floor Standing AC 2-Ton Inverter HPU-24HE/DC


Gree GF-48TF Floor Standing 4.0-Ton Cool


Gree GF-24TF Floor Standing 2.0-Ton Cool


Haier HPU-24HDZ0-(G) 2.0-Ton Inverter Floor


Top Brands Floor Standing ACs:

American General | Dawlance | Gree | Haier | Kenwood