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Instant Water Heaters Versus Storage Water Heaters

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Geysers or water heaters are common sources of hot water for bathing and other purposes in a Pakistani house. The availability of hot water could let you enjoy soaking your feet or unwind your day with some relaxing bath. These water heating machines are convenient, effective, and hygienic for every water-related activity. There are many parameters that you could consider before concluding anything about these devices such as cost, performance, and durability of the water heater/geyser.

As the name suggests, an instant water heater heats the water at the provided moment. Whereas, a storage water heater requires more time to heat up the water. And, the major difference between the two water heaters is related to their design and performance. These appliances do a great job of providing hot water equally, but these devices have distinct functionality.

1. Space and price:

Instant water heaters:

When the matter is about a house that has limited space for a water heater, instant water heaters could be great options as these are compact and don’t require much space.

Storage water heaters:

For large families, storage water heaters are suitable choices as these could store hot water that could be used by other family members later.

2. Number of outlets:

Instant water heaters:

Instant water heaters have one available outlet only that is connected to the designated tap. This outlet makes these devices convenient for a house that has one bathroom.

Storage water heaters:

Storage water heaters could provide hot water for an entire house with multiple bathrooms. You could employ hot water from one storage water heater in different outlets at the same time.

3. Consumed time:

Instant water heaters:

An instant water heater has 3000/4500W high-quality copper heating element material that makes sure quick water heating in a few minutes. And, the advantage of having instant water heaters is that you do not have to wait as these appliances have neon indicators that let you know when your hot water is ready for use.

Storage water heaters:

In case of a storage water heater, you have to wait for up to 10 minutes for the water to heat up properly. And, the tank water flows through an inlet pipe that is heated through 2000W copper material for more effective performance.

4. Design and body:

Instant water heaters:

Well, instant water heaters have rust-free and highly durable bodies. Such a water heater has a stainless-steel body to ensure that the water could not be leaked. Plus, instant water heaters also have smart shield protection that allows you to have reliable hot water without any pollutants.

Storage water heaters:

The storage water heaters have tough and sturdy bodies that protect these appliances from overheating. Amazing attribute, right!

5. Levels of protection:

Instant water heaters:

The instant water heater has four levels of safety that are capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cut-off option, pressure release valve, & fusible plug. These protection levels were made while keeping in mind the possibilities of risk that could arise in any provided condition.

Storage water heaters:

Also, the storage water heaters have 3 levels of safety that protect you against electric shocks and auto-off malfunctions. Additionally, if you leave the storage water heater on for more than 7-8 hours, the standby cut-off feature applies less than 1 W and saves some electricity for you.

What are the best brands that are effective sellers of instant water heaters and storage water heaters?

We reviewed a lot of brands that are successful sellers of instant water heaters and storage water heaters. And, we found the following company as the most effective sellers of these appliances:

Super Asia and its geysers:

Super Asia is a company of Pakistan that has been selling various geysers to its customers for multiple decades. And, this company sells several kinds of reliable products to its customers in Pakistan and other Asian countries. Plus, many geysers of this company are durable for being made of strong metals, and these devices are extremely energy-saving for users as well.

Best Geyser & Price in Pakistan

Model Name Capacity Price
Super Asia GH-506 Water Heater 6 Liters ₨10,400.00
Super Asia GH-206 Water Heater 6 Liters ₨11,800.00
Super Asia GH-406Di Water Heater 6 Liters ₨12,700.00
Super Asia EH-610 Electric Water Heater 10 G ₨14,400.00
Super Asia SEH-10 Electric Water Heater 10 Liters ₨16,000.00


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