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2024 Best Microwave Oven Price In Pakistan

Latest Best Microwave Oven in Pakistan 2024 prices start from Rs. 16,500 PKR and prices goes upto PKR 76, 100. Updated July 2024.

Microwave ovens have become essentials in modern kitchens, offering convenience and efficiency. The Pakistani market has several options to choose from, whether you’re searching for a basic single microwave or a feature-rich machine with grilling capabilities. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find the best microwave oven price in Pakistan 2024.

Buy Microwave Oven Online

Online shopping for a microwave oven provides the ease of feature and price comparison from the comfort of your home. You can make an informed choice by perusing the extensive descriptions and customer evaluations offered by the many e-commerce platforms available in Pakistan. Well-known internet retailers like ittefaq say that they provide a large selection at affordable costs.

branded microwave oven prices in pakistan

Types of Microwave Ovens Available at Market

Solo Microwave Oven

Basic types such as solo microwave ovens are perfect for basic cooking activities including defrosting and reheating. Usually, these are the most reasonably priced choices accessible. Many homes choose them because they offer the necessary features for quick and simple meal preparation. Buy a solo microwave oven online at the very best price in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and all over Pakistan  2024.

Microwave Oven with Grill

An excellent option for increased culinary variety is a microwave oven featuring a grill feature. These ovens have all the usual microwave features plus the ability to grill, roast, and toast. They are a great addition to any kitchen because of their increased versatility, which is ideal for people who like to cook in different ways. Buy a microwave oven online with a grill at the very best price in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and all over in Pakistan 2024.

Microwave Oven with Inverter

Inverter microwave ovens offer precise temperature control, resulting in evenly cooked food and energy efficiency. For frequent users, these slightly more expensive sophisticated models are well worth the expenditure. They are particularly helpful for delicate cooking jobs, guaranteeing that your food is prepared to perfection each and every time.

China Microwave Oven

A large selection of microwave ovens are available at cheap costs from Chinese brands. These ovens are renowned for their respectable performance and reasonable price. They are a desirable choice for customers on a tight budget since they offer a decent mix between price and functionality.

Cheap Microwave Ovens

There are several solutions accessible if money is limited. It is possible to get affordable microwave ovens with basic functions that are adequate for daily cooking needs. Even though they might not have all the latest features, they are nonetheless dependable and effective for routine activities.

Top Models of Microwave Ovens 2024


Microwaves 2024Prices
Dawlance DW-395 HCG 23 Litres Microwave Oven36000
Dawlance DWOT 2515 Oven Toaster20500
HAIER 925 Microwave Oven14500
Orient Microwave Oven Roast 23D Solo14500
Haier Microwave Oven HGL-20MXP723300
Haier 38100EGW Microwave Oven43000
Haier HMN-62MX80 Microwave Oven Solo Series46800
Dawlance DW 315 S Microwave Oven17100
Dawlance MD-4 N Microwave Oven21000
ORIENT Microwave Cake 30D Solo Black32000

Microwave Brands Available At Ittefaq Say

Dawlance Microwave Oven 

Known for making high quality home appliances, Dawlance is a popular brand in Pakistan.Their microwave ovens are praised for their dependability and toughness, ensuring years of operation. Cooking and reheating tasks are made simple and effective by the advanced technology and user-friendly features included in Dawlance models. Dawlance microwave oven prices vary depending on the range of sizes and capacities, accommodating all types of Pakistani households, from small to large.

Haier Microwave Oven

Haier is another leading brand in Pakistan, offering a wide range of microwave ovens that cater to modern kitchen needs. Haier microwave ovens are affordable and renowned for their fashionable styles and innovative features. They are versatile and may be used for a variety of cooking techniques because they can be used for grilling, baking, and defrosting. Advanced features like inverter technology, which guarantees uniform cooking and energy efficiency, are frequently found in Haier models.

Orient Microwave Oven

Orient is a well respected brand in the Pakistani market, offering microwave ovens known for their sleek and contemporary designs. Microwave ovens from Orient are made to work efficiently and offer a range of cooking options along with user-friendly controls. They are appropriate for both small and large households because they come in various capacities. The brand prioritizes energy efficiency and user-friendliness, guaranteeing that its products are cost effective and intuitive. Orient microwave oven prices vary, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Westpoint Microwave Oven

Westpoint is a brand synonymous with quality and affordability in Pakistan. Their microwave ovens are made to fit a variety of financial situations and cooking requirements. Westpoint microwave ovens are valued for their dependability, simplicity of use, and effectiveness. They provide both basic models and ones with extra functionality like baking and grilling. Westpoint  microwave price is a great option for budget conscious homes seeking dependable appliances because of its adaptability. 

Gaba National Microwave Oven

Gaba National is renowned for offering reasonably priced household appliances without sacrificing quality. Their microwave ovens are very affordable, dependable, and effective. The Gaba National microwave oven models are made with easy-to-use controls and basic cooking features to fulfill daily requirements. These microwave ovens are reasonably priced, but they have a sturdy construction and reliable performance. 

Microwave Oven for Sale in Pakistan

Finding a microwave oven for sale in Pakistan can be rewarding if you take advantage of seasonal sales and discount offers. During holidays like Eid, Independence Day, and New Year’s, a lot of stores have deals with steep discounts. Great chances to purchase items at discounted rates may also be found during holiday sales and clearance occasions ai ittefaq Electronics .Through email subscriptions, price comparison websites, and social media merchant following, you can keep up with the latest offers and get a high quality microwave oven at a reduced price.

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