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Water Cooler & Air Cooler Price in Pakistan 2024

When the scorching summer heat hits Pakistan, keeping cool becomes a key priority for both households and businesses. Air and water coolers are crucial gadgets for dealing with high heat. In this post, we'll look at air cooler price in Pakistan and water cooler prices in Pakistan, with a focus on Ittefaq Say, a reputable name in Electronics solutions

Room Air Coolers 2024

Coolers come in a variety of styles, sizes, and functions to meet the varying needs of Pakistani consumers. Let's look into air cooler prices in Pakistan to assist you in making an informed decision.

Best Air Cooler in Pakistan 2024

It is critical to examine your requirements when determining the best Air & water cooler price in Pakistan. Room size, cooling efficiency, and budget are all important considerations in your choosing.

Ittefaq Say, for example, offers a wide range of air coolers to satisfy a wide range of requirements. The best air & water cooler price in Pakistan will be a good compromise between price and performance. High-quality alternatives are available in the mid-price category, with affordable prices depending on the features.

Room Water Cooler Price in Pakistan 2024

Room coolers are a low-cost solution to cool smaller spaces efficiently. They are especially common in homes and small businesses. Ittefaq Say has a variety of room coolers for sale, at affordable prices.

These room conditioners provide cooling comfort while being inexpensive. They are energy-efficient, making them a cost-effective option for many households. Ittefaq Say's room cooler price in Pakistan is quite competitive for those looking for cost-effective cooling solutions.

Water Cooler as an Affordable Options

Water coolers are essential in both homes and offices because they provide room cooling at affordable prices as compared to air conditioners. Let's look at the water cooler price in Pakistan and the options provided by Ittefaq Say. With internet shopping choices, purchasing an air cooler in Pakistan is a breeze. To make an informed decision, you can easily browse through a variety of models, compare pricing, and read customer reviews. Ittefaq Say's air coolers are accessible through a variety of online shops as well as their website, making it simple to choose and purchase the ideal cooling solution for your needs.

Electric Water Cooler Price Range

Electric water coolers are used in households, businesses, and commercial settings. They provide a constant stream of cooled water, keeping you hydrated during the hot months.

Ittefaq Say provides a variety of electric water coolers to meet a variety of purposes and budgets. Electric water cooler prices in Pakistan typically begin at affordable rates and can rise based on capacity and extra features. Investing in a high-quality electric water cooler can give long-term convenience and provide constant access to refreshing water.

How To Buy Online Water Cooler in Pakistan

It's always been challenging to Buy Online water cooler in Pakistan. Ittefaq Say and other reputable brands sell their wares on various e-commerce sites. From the convenience of your home or workplace, you may browse numerous models, compare pricing, and read user reviews.

Check for warranties, after-sales service, and customer support options when searching for a water cooler online. Ittefaq Say is well-known for providing great customer service, offering a stress-free experience when purchasing and maintaining your water cooler.

Types Of Air Coolers Brands Ittefaq is Offering

Super Asia


As temperatures rise in Pakistan, it is critical to invest in appropriate cooling solutions. If you're looking for a room cooler, air cooler, or electric water cooler, Ittefaq Say has a variety of alternatives to select from. Their affordable water cooler price in Pakistan and room cooler price in Pakistan and dedication to quality make them a dependable option for cooling solutions in the country. Investigate your alternatives, compare rates, and pick a choice that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer.


Is air conditioning better than AC?

Because of the way it works, an air cooler improves the quality of air in your environment. Another benefit of air coolers is that they may be used both indoors and outdoors, unlike air conditioners, which function better with closed doors and windows.

Does the air cooler keep the room cool?

An air cooler is a device that cools the air in a room or outdoor place. It works by taking in heated air and forcing it through wet pads, which cools the air as the water evaporates. The cooled air is then discharged into the room, creating a pleasant and comforting atmosphere.

Is cooler cheaper than AC?

When comparing capital and operating costs Air coolers are significantly less expensive than air conditioners. They cost approximately 80-85% less than air conditioners, making them significantly less expensive to install.

How much water does an air cooler use?

The water consumption of an air cooler depends on its size and usage. Smaller models may use as little as 32 watts of power, while larger models may use more. It is recommended to clean and/or replace the cooling media based on the manufacturer's instructions

How can I select the appropriate size air cooler for my space?

Air coolers are rated by the amount of air they can blow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic meters per hour (CMH). Consider the size of your room as well as the air cooler's CFM/CMH rating when selecting the appropriate size air cooler. Small rooms, medium-sized spaces, and huge commercial or industrial spaces all have different sizes available.