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Exploring Electric Kettle Price in Pakistan 2024: Top Brands and Best Picks

If you’re looking for an electric kettle for Pakistan there is an array of choices to meet your needs and budget. The electric kettle price in Pakistan is dependent on the model, brand capacity, the brand, and any additional features. From basic kettles to models with rapid boiling and temperature control capacities, there’s something to suit every person.

Benefits of Using an Electric Kettle

Speed and Efficiency

One of the main advantages of the electric kettle lies in the capacity to bring water to a boil much quicker than a stovetop kettle or microwave. Many electric kettles can bring water up to boiling in only several minutes, which can save both time and effort.

Energy Efficient

The electric kettles have been made to be energy efficient. They typically consume less power than boiling water on the cooking stove, or heating in microwaves. This makes them a green choice that you can use for cooking. With features like automatic shut-off, and boil-dry protection electric kettles provide the convenience of traditional kettles which cannot match. These safety features make sure that the kettle is shut off once the water reaches the boiling point, or when there’s no water in the kettle which prevents accidents and saves energy.

Temperature Control

Modern electric kettles are equipped with adjustable temperature settings, which allow users to select the ideal temperature to meet your requirements. This is particularly helpful when making different tea types which usually require precise temperatures.


Electric kettles can be taken with you anyplace where there is electricity. No matter if you’re in your home, at work or on the road to another location, you can drink hot water any time, at any place.

Best Electric Kettle in Pakistan

If you’re looking for the top electric kettle in Pakistan it is likely that you will find reputable brands like Philips, Panasonic, and Kenwood. These brands provide high-end electric kettles which are sturdy, sleek, efficient, and stylish. The price of these top models is usually the PKR 3,000-PKR 10,000, which provides high-quality performance and dependability.

Types of Electric Kettles

Basic Electric Kettles

These are among the more popular models, with basic design with one temperature setting. They are great for general use and are generally the least expensive choice.

Variable Temperature kettles

These kettles are equipped with various temperature settings, which makes them ideal for tea lovers who require precise temperatures for different kinds of tea.

Travel Kettles

Compact and lightweight Travel kettles are made to be portable. They are great for those who require a compact and handy kettle for their trips or for office use.

Glass Electric kettles

The kettles constructed of glass, and are often equipped with LED lights that change color when the water warms. They are attractive visually and let you see the boiling of water.

Steel Kettles Stainless

Known for their robustness and elegant design stainless kettles made of steel are a popular option for kitchens with modern designs. They resist corrosion and are easily cleaned.

Small Electric Kettle Price in Pakistan

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and compact option the kettle that is small in cost in Pakistan is quite reasonable. They are ideal for families with small children or those who require just a coffee or a cup of tea. There are tiny electric kettles from brands such as Anex and Westpoint beginning at around 1500 PKR. Despite their dimensions the kettles are highly efficient and can boil water in a short time.

Choosing the Right Electric Kettle

If you are considering a kettle made of electric take into consideration the following aspects:

  1. Capacity: Select a kettle that has the capacity to meet your requirements. Smaller kettles are best for personal use, whereas larger kettles are best for offices or families.
  2. Power: Higher wattage kettles can boil water quicker So, look for one that has the power ratings of at minimum 1500 Watts to ensure rapid boiling.
  3. Highlights: Consider additional features like the ability to control temperature, keep warm function and an automatic shut-off feature to increase safety and convenience.
  4. Materials: Choose a substance that is compatible with your tastes in terms of durability, aesthetics and the ease of cleaning. Glass and stainless steel are both popular choices.
  5. Pricing:Electric kettles come in various prices. Choose a budget and locate one that gives you the best value for budget.

Electric Kettles Latest Features 2024

Tea Kettle Price in Pakistan

If you’re a fan of traditional design but you want modern convenience the tea kettle could be just what you’re looking for. The price of a tea kettle in Pakistan is dependent on the design and materials. Glass and stainless steel tea kettles are very popular and cost between PKR 22,000 and PKR 55,000. They combine the traditional tea-making process with the speed and convenience of electric kettles.

In the end the electric kettle price in Pakistan 2024 is a good fit for a range of tastes and budgets. If you’re searching for the most efficient electric kettles in Pakistan or a smaller electric kettle or an old-fashioned tea kettle, there are a variety of options to suit your needs.

Top Seller Electric Kettles on Ittefaq Electronics

Electric Kettles

Electric Kettles 2024Prices
Philips HD9303/03 1800W Electric Kettle-Silver7899
Haier HKT-1238 Electric Kettle2710
Haier HKT-794F Electric Kettle3250
Kenwood ZJP-01 Electric Kettle5300
Ecostar EH-KE111-S Steel Electric Kettle3990
Haier HKT-1797v Electric Kettle8000

Where to Buy Electric Kettle Online in Pakistan 2024

If you’re looking to buy an electric kettle online in Pakistan in 2024, Ittefaq Electronics is a reliable and convenient option. Known for offering a wide range of high-quality home appliances, Ittefaq Electronics ensures you find the perfect electric kettle to suit your needs.

In the end it is a must-have kitchen appliance that is efficient, speedy and convenient when boiling water. With a range of models and features to choose from to meet a wide range of desires and needs. For tea, coffee or cooking, a kettle with an electric motor makes life easier. Pick the best kettle for your lifestyle and reap the benefits of fast hot water at any time.

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