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How to Buy the Best Garment Steamer for Ironing (2022)

Do you find the work of ironing clothes boring? Do you desire to have an easy & hassle-free way to remove wrinkles from your clothes? And, are you tired of having burn holes on your garments coz you pressed your iron there for a bit long time? If your response is yes to any or all of the above questions, you’re in deep need of a garment steamer.

A garment steamer is no longer a luxurious product. This has become a household important item due to several unique functions.

Why should you consider purchasing a garment steamer in place of a traditional iron?

A conventional iron and garment steamer have many differences. A traditional iron is an electronics appliance that removes wrinkles from your dresses through heat. And, a garment steamer/modern iron is such a device that is employed to eliminate wrinkles from clothes with the help of steam. You could iron your clothes with a garment steamer in less time and more effectively as compared to a conventional iron.

Now, why should you choose garment steamers in place of traditional irons? There are multiple reasons. First reason is garment steamers are lightweight as compared to traditional irons and even steam irons. Then, such steamers cover less space as well. Well, you could observe that clothes steamers are more energy-efficient as compared to traditional irons. Want to know more about the differences! Then, keep on reading our content.

Plus, there are a few functions of a garment steamer that a normal iron can’t perform. A garment steamer not only removes wrinkles but also assists you clean your dresses or outfits. The steam of the steamer credibly removes unwanted smell from your linens, beddings, furnishings, attires, and curtains. Now, we’ll discuss the sellers of these steamers in our region, Pakistan.

What are the best brands that are famous sellers of garment steamers?

We analysed a lot of brands of garment steamers online. After in-depth research, we found some highly popular companies of such steamers. And, the following brands act as highly effective sellers of garment steamers:

Dawlance and its garment steamers:

Dawlance is a home appliances brand of Pakistan that is a subsidiary of a Turkish firm named Arçelik. This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Founded in 1980, the company was attained by Istanbul-based Arçelik in the year of 2016. And, Dawlance has been reliably serving its clients for a lot of decades.

When we analysed the garment steamers of Dawlance, we concluded some remarkable points. These appliances have many noteworthy features such as high portability, lightweight nature, highly efficient performance, attractive product designs, and easy to use nature.

Panasonic and its garment steamers:

Panasonic is a popular and international Japanese firm of electric appliances and electronics products. For instance, the company sells electric cleaning appliances, domestic devices, and food preparation tools, etcetera, and the headquarter of Panasonic is located in Kadoma. Besides, when we checked the garment steamers of Panasonic on the internet, we got some notable points. These points are:

  • The clothes steamers of Panasonic are lightweight, elegant, easy to use, and easy to be cleaned.
  • These machines are durable as well.

Hopefully, you might have understood all points regarding how to buy the best garment steamer for ironing. And, if you want to examine such steamers online, you could do that by visiting Ittefaq Electronics website. So, do visit the site to check the price or cost and other details of such products from relevant brands and see whether you could find your required appliance or not. Well, this might be that you could find your favourite product on the site.

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A DC Inverter Air Conditioner’s Heat Mode Benefits

Hmm, winter has arrived, and all we could think about is the temperature of our home in this weather. Well, inverter air conditioners or ACs are the best appliances when the case is about energy consumption because these are highly energy efficient as compared to other heating appliances of your house. Besides, DC inverter air conditioners are designed to operate perfectly fine in both summer and winter.

How does the heat mode of an inverter AC work?

Unlike other heating appliances, air conditioners don’t have heaters. The inverter technology is designed to work with the compressor’s functioning and allows this compressor to reach the desired temperature. Plus, inverter air conditioners work with a refrigerant that has a gas inside the coils of the AC. This gas compresses and expands and allows either heating or cooling of the air that passes through the coils.

A heat pump also works in the same manner and takes the hot air from outside and pushes it through the heated coils of an inverter AC. This process helps disperse the warmth within the air and makes your surrounding air hot. Basically, the process is the reverse engineering of the cooling cycle for the air conditioner. And, the reason why the heating process employs less amount of electricity is that the AC is not using energy to generate heat but to move this from the outer side to the inner side and heats it along the way.

Considerable factors for choosing a DC inverter AC:

There are a couple of factors you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for a DC inverter air conditioner. These are:

  • Area of your room
  • Height of your ceiling
  • Energy efficiency rating or EER of an air conditioner
  • Insulation of a room

Such cooling devices have remarkable energy efficiency technology that saves you a lot of money for your electricity bills. After doing a little bit of research and considering the things mentioned above, you could attain the right air conditioner for your house.

Advantages of a DC inverter’s heating mode:

DC inverter air conditioners have a lot of advantages that include energy-saving as well. Some of them are:

  • Inverter air conditioners are cost-effective ways of heating in comparison to other heating appliances.
  • Such air conditioners offer clean and secure heating without the risk of suffocation and hazardous gases.
  • You could control inverter air conditioners by using the remote-control system and even program them in accordance with your daily routine.
  • There is no ash and dust within the heating process.
  • You don’t have to assign additional space within your home for an extra heating appliance.
  • Inverter ACs could start heating with a simple push of a button. And, you don’t have to heat the furnace for getting heat.
  • Such air conditioners don’t prove to be additional weight for your monthly electricity bills.

What are the best companies that are popular sellers of DC inverter ACs in Pakistan?

We analysed a lot of brands on the internet that are famous sellers of DC inverter ACs in Pakistan. And, we found the following companies as highly credible sellers of such ACs:

Haier DC inverter air conditioners:

Haier Group Corporation or Haier is an international household appliances company of China that is located in Shandong; plus, this company has been serving its clients for a lot of decades reliably.

And, regarding the review of Haier DC inverter AC, we have something to share with you. The inverter ACs of this brand have remarkable performance and come with many notable features such as long-term warranty and elegant designs.

Dawlance inverter air conditioners:

Dawlance is a home appliances brand of Pakistan that is the division of a Turkish company, Arçelik. This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan. And the firm which was founded in 1980 was taken over by Arçelik in the year of 2016. Well, Dawlance has been working for many decades credibly.

Then, we reviewed the DC inverter AC of Dawlance and concluded that these appliances offer great value for money when we consider all remarkable features these ACs come with. For example, these devices have long warranty and insurance included in their respective packages.


We hope that you might have understood everything regarding the benefits of a DC inverter air conditioner. Now, only one point is left for our reader. Well, Ittefaq Say (empowered by Connect Solutions) sells quality DC inverter ACs, and this store has been doing business for a long duration. You might check its website and examine several choices there. There are high chances that you could find the item of your needs. Now, one more thing. If you actually appreciate our efforts, do comment below and share our piece with your loved ones so that they could buy a quality DC inverter air conditioner for their houses.


gas heater

How to Pick a Gas Heater

Nobody desires to feel stuck for having insufficient heat during cold nights of winter.

When you heat your home through a gas heater, you have reliable warmth that you get through an energy-efficient, instant, and controllable appliance. Whether you’re planning to upgrade or install a new appliance, we put together a summary of what you have to know regarding gas heaters.
Matter of size:

How much space do you have to heat? A heater’s warming capacity refers to both the room size and how fast the space could be heated.

And, a general rule of thumb is that 1 kWh output of a gas heater approximately heats 10 square metres; however, this could differ depending on ceiling height, window kind, insulation, sunlight, and heater size.

Cold and flue:

The flue is a pipe that lets exhausted gases discharged from your heater to outer spaces. Plus, space heaters, wall furnaces, decorative log heaters, and ducted heater systems are all flued systems.

A gas heater comes in all types of shapes and sizes, and this is the heater of choice for renters or owners who don’t desire the trouble of a complicated installation process. And, a licensed gas fitter could simply swap over the gas access from the old route to the new one.

Besides, space heaters heat spaces by using convection or air movement. Along with the gas burner, these appliances have a fan to help distribute the heat more uniformly throughout the space. Some space heaters employ both convection and radiant heat; besides, the appliances heat the person standing in front of them and push the heat to the remaining of your space with a fan.

Also, space heaters could come with a range of attributes such as timers, remote controls, and child locks. These devices should not be applied in small rooms or rooms where people sleep; however, these machines are entirely secure if you provide suitable ventilation.

A gas fireplace could be inbuilt, freestanding, or inserted into an existing fireplace opening. Well, like space heaters, gas log fires could come with a variety of significant characteristics like timers, remote controls, child locks, multi-speed fans, double glazing, and mesh security guards.

Although wall furnaces are small and discreet, these appliances could easily heat large rooms. And, this attribute makes them perfect for open plan living areas. Moreover, these machines heat spaces more effectively than space heaters and are cheaper than ducted heating systems.

If you have to replace an old wall furnace, its design lets you fit that into existing openings (and possibly even apply the same plumbed in gas supply).

Ducted heating systems:

A ducted or central heating system comprises a gas furnace and ducting vents of the rooms you desire to heat; also, gas furnaces are generally installed in outside places or under your floors.

Many people choose ducted heating for their new homes. And, the reason is this heating allows the whole house to be heated with discreet ducts that are installed for each room. Well, a ducted system has large upfront costs, and its discreet ducts are highly energy and cost efficient.


Heater service and testing:

To be sure that your gas heater is secure, you should have your gas appliances serviced and tested for carbon monoxide in at least two years consecutively.

Depending on the kind of a heater, the gas fitter completes the following steps to provide its service to your heater:

  • Remove all heater panels for cleaning the internal sides of your gas fitter.
  • Clean the fan of your heater and make sure that its spins have no obstructions.
  • Inspect the visible parts of the heat exchanger for checking its cracks or demerits.
  • Test your gas fitter for flame failure protection.
  • Examine flue for knowing the exact cowl, flue condition, and heater installation.
  • Carry out a carbon monoxide test.

If your gas heater is serviced and maintained on a regular basis, the appliance is completely secure. This is best to involve a test and service for a gas heater in every consecutive two years as parts of your quality house maintenance.

What are the best firms that are popular sellers of gas heaters in Pakistan?

We examined a lot of brands on the internet that are famous sellers of gas heaters in Pakistan. And, we found the following company as a credible seller of such heaters:

NasGas and its gas heaters:

North Appliances Services Private Limited or NasGas is a brand of household appliances that was originated in 1952 in Pakistan. The brand has been reliably selling home appliances to its customers for several decades. When we examined several gas heaters of NasGas, we concluded some remarkable points. These appliances have high durability, decent product designs, auto-ignition feature, and cost-effective nature, etc.


Hopefully, you have understood everything regarding how to pick a gas heater. Now, only one point is left for you from our side. Well, Ittefaq Electronics (empowered by Connect Solutions) sells quality gas heaters and is doing business for a long period. You might check its website and analyze several options from the relevant company, NasGas, there. This might be that you could find the item of your requirements. Hmm, all is conveyed from our side but not from yours. So, if you really admire our efforts, do comment below and share our piece with your dear ones so that they could buy a standard gas heater for their homes.

Dishwasher Price in Pakistan

5 Dishwasher Maintenance Tips/Strategies

The dishwasher is one of the regularly used machines for your home. And, this point is understandable. Hmm, a dishwasher is a convenient device that saves much of your time by making dishwashing a far less boring process.

However, dishwasher cleaning and maintenance are not always considered necessary by people because a lot of people suppose that this is a self-cleaning machine. But because of the frequency in which this appliance is used, it’s important that basic maintenance must be done regularly. An ignored dishwasher could cause expensive issues in the long run, so take a preventative action by following our dishwasher maintenance tips/strategies and make sure that your most trusted appliance could usually perform well.

1. Frequently clean filter:

If you don’t clean your dishwasher’s filter, this could lead to debris buildup and unpleasant odours. Therefore, you should invest a couple of minutes every month or so and clean your dishwasher’s filter. Plus, locate your owner’s manual and figure out what type of filter your dishwasher has. And, if the filter is manual, you have to take that out of your machine and wash it appropriately for causing the highest performance of your dishwasher.

The filter of your dishwasher is located on the floor of the appliance and most probably below the lower spray arm. In some models of dishwashers, the filtration system comprises a lower flat filter & an upper cylindrical filter. So, remove the filter, the flat one as well, and softly wash it with soap & warm running water.

2. Reduce buildup with vinegar:

White vinegar is regarded a great DIY cleaning agent for home maintenance. You could employ vinegar to clean your dishwasher for removing any stuck food particles or residual left detergent. For accomplishing this task, place a dishwasher-safe container on the centre of the top or bottom rack of your appliance and add a cup of vinegar into the container. Then, run your dishwasher around a hot water cycle for proper cleaning. This vinegar disinfects the dishwasher and breaks down any residue that is stuck inside your device.

3. Properly load your dishes:

Properly load your dishes in your dishwasher coz this creates a desirable difference in your dishwasher’s cleaning ability. Below are some ways through which you might correctly load your dishwasher.

  1. Look through your owner’s manual for picking the right cycle for the items you clean. Heavy cycles are used for pots and pans, and lighter cycles are applied for delicate items.
  2. If there is a lot of grease on your plates and dishes, apply a few seconds to dump the grease and throw it in the dustbin for avoiding a clogged drain.
  3. Do not overload your dishwasher by arranging your dishes, pots, and pans in each side of your appliance. Be strategic and load the dishwasher properly by putting your items in the right places.

4. Clean the gasket:

The dishwasher’s seal/gasket is significant for keeping the water away from leaking out on your floor. And, residual accumulation on your dishwasher’s stopper could lead to odours & mould. Therefore, employ a solution made of 3 cups of water and half a cup of vinegar for cleaning that seal once a month.

5. Check the spinning arms:

The spinning or spray arms of a dishwasher assist in the cleaning of dishes by spraying hot water for cleaning dishes. But these arms have holes that could become clogged and require to be cleaned. That is why you should apply a toothbrush for removing the debris or food particles that become stuck inside the arms.

What are the best companies that are famous sellers of dishwashers?

We analysed a lot of firms that are popular sellers of dishwashers on the internet. And, we found the following companies as the most successful sellers of such kitchen appliances:

Dawlance and its dishwashers:

Dawlance is a home appliances brand of Pakistan that is a subsidiary of a Turkish company, Arçelik. This brand is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Originated in 1980, the company was acquired by Arçelik in the year, 2016. Besides, Dawlance has been effectively working for multiple decades.

And, when we reviewed multiple dishwashers of Dawlance, we concluded several remarkable points. For example, these appliances have a lot of advantageous features such as high load capacity, high-level durability, less wastage of water, and remarkable product designs.

Haier and its dishwashers:

Well, Haier Group Corporation/Haier is a worldwide household appliances and user electronics company of China that is located in Shandong; moreover, this company has been reliably serving customers for several decades.

Besides, when we reviewed several dishwashers of Haier, we got some interesting information. For instance, these machines have an individual door for their safety, multiple choices for cleaning temperatures, several place settings, and guarantee of long-duration.


Hopefully, you have understood everything regarding some dishwasher maintenance strategies. Now, only one point is left for you from our end. Well, Ittefaq Say sells standard dishwashers and is doing business for a long duration. You might check its website and examine several choices from each relevant company there. This might be that you could find the item of your requirements. Hmm, all is done from our side but not from yours. So, if you really admire our hard work, do comment below and share our piece with your dear ones so that they could purchase a quality dishwasher for their respective kitchens.

Food Processor

Avoid 5 Things to Save Your Food Processor from Easy Breakage

The food processor is mostly considered the same appliance as a blender. But actually, these two appliances have various sizes and segments. But the blades of a food processor are different from the blades of a blender. This could be stated that food processors are modern versions of pestles and mortars that allow very quick blending or crushing of food articles. Plus, the application of a food processor quickly dulls the blades if the machine is used without proper maintenance. So, to stop or postpone this dulling, ensure you avoid the following five things:

  1. Not pressing the pulse button:

    Pulse is a button that disturbs the outcome of the chop. So, you need to press this button when you’re mincing food with a food processor, specifically when you’re processing food involving a hard article such as nuts. You merely have to press the pulse button multiple times until you acquire the required result.

  2. Extremely large ingredients:

    A food processor could grind different foods such as meats and nuts, but that doesn’t mean you can add everything in this appliance without considering the food size. And, the size of a food processor, that is smaller than that of a blender, has limited capacity. This would be perfect if you cut your food ingredients into small sizes first for providing some relaxation to a food processor’s cutting blades.

  3. Too much use:

    Aside from the small size, the power of a food processor is also not as long as a blender. Therefore, the continuous use of the processor potentially damages it for a long period. This is better if you first employ a food processor for food ingredients that are difficult to grind with a pestle and mortar. Then, you should cool down the machine before chopping further ingredients.

  4. Using food ingredients mixed with water:

    Another recurrent mistake is crushing food ingredients, that are mixed with water, through the food processor. In this way, instead of attaining the best chopped outcome, these ingredients, which are inside the food processor, overflow. If such ingredients require water, use a chopper or blender for chopping or blending them properly.

  5. Use of hot ingredients:

    In the end, don’t put hot ingredients in the food processor directly. Because the hot temperature of the ingredients dampens the blades. Moreover, the oil content of your added food interferes with the container potentially and makes it difficult to be cleaned. And, when this happens, you might need to buy a new food processor.

What are the best brands that are popular sellers of food processors in Pakistan?

We examined a lot of companies online that are popular sellers of food processors in Pakistan. Well, our chosen processors have reliable prices or costs. So, we found the following brands as the most successful sellers of these kitchen machines:


Kenwood is a trustworthy and developing brand of Pakistan that sells different types of home products, and these items are refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and kitchen appliances, etc.

When we analysed the food processors of Kenwood online, we found some noticeable points. Several food processors of this brand are highly durable, easy to use, & easy to be cleaned. Plus, these are reliable for effective cutting and mixing of onions, meat, garlic, and beans, etc.

West Point:

West Point has been operating in Pakistan for more than two decades as a firm of home appliances successfully. And, the brand provides you with devices that cover a consumer’s home life completely whether you talk about the bedroom, living room, kitchen area, or any room.

When we analysed the food processors of West Point online, we found some remarkable points. So, multiple food processors of this brand are extremely durable, easy to use, & easy to be cleaned. And, these appliances are effectively used for cutting and blending various food ingredients.


Hopefully, you have understood things that you should avoid to save your food processor from easy breakage. Hmm, only one point is left now. Ittefaq Says sells standard food processors and is doing business for a long period. So, you might check its website and examine the price and other characteristics of several relevant items there. It might be that you could find the item of your needs on the site. Hmm, that’s all from our side but not from yours. If you truly like what we shared with you today, do comment below and share our piece with your dear ones so that they could be assisted in buying related standard products.

geyser price in Pakistan

Instant Water Heaters versus Storage Water Heaters

Geysers or water heaters are common sources of hot water for bathing and other purposes in a Pakistani house. The availability of hot water could let you enjoy soaking your feet or unwind your day with some relaxing bath. These water heating machines are convenient, effective, and hygienic for every water-related activity. There are many parameters that you could consider before concluding anything about these devices such as cost, performance, and durability of the water heater/geyser.

As the name suggests, an instant water heater heats the water at the provided moment. Whereas, a storage water heater requires more time to heat up the water. And, the major difference between the two water heaters is related to their design and performance. These appliances do a great job of providing hot water equally, but these devices have distinct functionality.

1. Space and price:

Instant water heaters:

When the matter is about a house that has limited space for a water heater, instant water heaters could be great options as these are compact and don’t require much space.

Storage water heaters:

For large families, storage water heaters are suitable choices as these could store hot water that could be used by other family members later.

2. Number of outlets:

Instant water heaters:

Instant water heaters have one available outlet only that is connected to the designated tap. This outlet makes these devices convenient for a house that has one bathroom.

Storage water heaters:

Storage water heaters could provide hot water for an entire house with multiple bathrooms. You could employ hot water from one storage water heater in different outlets at the same time.

3. Consumed time:

Instant water heaters:

An instant water heater has 3000/4500W high-quality copper heating element material that makes sure quick water heating in a few minutes. And, the advantage of having instant water heaters is that you do not have to wait as these appliances have neon indicators that let you know when your hot water is ready for use.

Storage water heaters:

In case of a storage water heater, you have to wait for up to 10 minutes for the water to heat up properly. And, the tank water flows through an inlet pipe that is heated through 2000W copper material for more effective performance.

4. Design and body:

Instant water heaters:

Well, instant water heaters have rust-free and highly durable bodies. Such a water heater has a stainless-steel body to ensure that the water could not be leaked. Plus, instant water heaters also have smart shield protection that allows you to have reliable hot water without any pollutants.

Storage water heaters:

The storage water heaters have tough and sturdy bodies that protect these appliances from overheating. Amazing attribute, right!

5. Levels of protection:

Instant water heaters:

The instant water heater has four levels of safety that are capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cut-off option, pressure release valve, & fusible plug. These protection levels were made while keeping in mind the possibilities of risk that could arise in any provided condition.

Storage water heaters:

Also, the storage water heaters have 3 levels of safety that protect you against electric shocks and auto-off malfunctions. Additionally, if you leave the storage water heater on for more than 7-8 hours, the standby cut-off feature applies less than 1 W and saves some electricity for you.

What are the best brands that are effective sellers of instant water heaters and storage water heaters?

We reviewed a lot of brands that are successful sellers of instant water heaters and storage water heaters. And, we found the following company as the most effective sellers of these appliances:

Super Asia and its geysers:

Super Asia is a company of Pakistan that has been selling various geysers to its customers for multiple decades. And, this company sells several kinds of reliable products to its customers in Pakistan and other Asian countries. Plus, many geysers of this company are durable for being made of strong metals, and these devices are extremely energy-saving for users as well.

Best Geyser & Price in Pakistan

Model Name Capacity Price
Super Asia GH-506 Water Heater 6 Liters




Super Asia GH-206 Water Heater 6 Liters




Super Asia GH-406Di Water Heater 6 Liters




Super Asia EH-610 Electric Water Heater 10 G




Super Asia SEH-10 Electric Water Heater 10 Liters





Hopefully, you have understood everything regarding instant vs storage water heaters. Now, only one point is left. Well,  Ittefaq Say sells standard geysers or water heaters and is doing business for a long time. You might check the website and examine several choices from each relevant company there. It might be that you could find the item of your choice. Now, all is done from our side but not from yours. Yes, you read that right! So, if you really like what we shared with you, do comment below and share our piece with your dear ones so that they could be guided in buying reliable geysers or water heaters.


fridge price in Pakistan

A Simple Guide for Buying Fridges for Your Home

There are several kinds of refrigerators that are available in the market right now. And in fact, as you are reading this piece, a new fridge might already have entered the market with highly advanced features and the latest technology. Well, we’re here with a comprehensive or detailed guide related to the most famous kinds of fridges or refrigerators that you could select for your house in Pakistan.

Most famous types of refrigerators in Pakistan

This doesn’t matter where you live in the country, if you search the local markets, you’ll discover that there are five most famous kinds of refrigerators that you could find for your kitchen within Pakistan.

After telling you five different varieties of fridges, we’ll give you a brief outline of each design and price of a fridge and will help you select the best choice as per your requirements and budget. These refrigerators are:

  1. Bottom-freezer refrigerators
  2. Top-freezer refrigerators
  3. French door refrigerators
  4. Double-door refrigerators
  5. Mini & compact refrigerators

Top-freezer refrigerators

Price of a top-freezer refrigerator in Pakistan: 

PKR 40,000 – PKR 100,000

The top-freezer refrigerator is the combination of a fridge and deep freezer. And, first product of the best refrigerators list for your home is a top-freezer refrigerator. The classic combo of a fridge and deep freezer is the top choice for each Pakistani house. Owing to the size, durability, and energy-efficient feature, such iceboxes never become old-fashioned. These iceboxes are compact generally, and the best thing about top-freezer refrigerators is these appliances make food items easily accessible. Well, the top-freezer refrigerator is ideal for small families and individuals who live alone.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators

Cost of a bottom-freezer refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 100,000 – PKR 130,000

The bottom-freezer refrigerators are made from top-notch materials. There are many sorts of fridges in the market nowadays. When each kind of refrigerators differs according to its brand; style; and cost, a bottom-freezer refrigerator is in our list of the best fridges for multiple causes. If you desire a freezing unit that is coupled with a fridge, the bottom-freezer fridge is the best choice. Such fridges are made of top-notch materials, and these are sold in a range of colours. Well, if you’re used to little bending, this type is usually all you require to access your stored food items that are present in the icebox.

French-door refrigerators

Price of a French-door refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 95,000 – PKR 365,000

Hmm, French-door refrigerators are impressive for luxury buyers and extensive families. And, owing to the unique style, classic features, and aesthetic range, French-door refrigerators are perfect choices for luxury buyers that have large families. These are also great for people who run a food business from their homes or receive guests at their places most of the time. The particular varieties of such freezing boxes are available that have spacious bodies, adjustable racks, wide shelves, latest features, and easy-to-open doors that make easy for you to store everything from uncooked meat to semi-cooked frozen food products.

Double-door refrigerators

Worth of a double-door refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 130,000 – PKR 150,000

The double-door refrigerators are known as side-by-side refrigerators as well. Well, the double-door refrigerators are among Pakistan’s most favourite kind of refrigerators for home use. Their fame is due to their split and smooth design mainly; plus, such refrigerators are attaining popularity among homeowners. Some of the best attributes of these fridges are these appliances make grabbing everything from the fridges completely easy without bending down or bringing a stool. Everything is placed at the eye-level; also, these fridges are top choices for individuals that have physical limitations such as backaches and for senior members of a family who don’t have reliable body balance.

Mini & compact refrigerators

Cost of a mini refrigerator in Pakistan:

PKR 15,000 – PKR 25,000 

Well, bedroom refrigerators are efficient cooling boxes. If you desire to purchase a deep-freezer, but you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, we have a good piece of news for you. In the situations, where you want to save money on your purchase, lessen your utility bills, and acquire a new refrigerator at the same time, we have something to show you. And that is a mini-refrigerator or compact refrigerator that is known as a bedroom refrigerator in the local lingo. Such appliances are quite efficient cooling boxes. The devices not only take less space but also give you extra cold storage without the need for purchasing a huge freezer. Ready to know more, keep on reading then!

What are the best brands that are sellers of refrigerators in Pakistan?

We reviewed a lot of brands online for finding the best fridges for your kitchens. And, after some in-depth research, we found some sellers that are popular in your region. So, the most successful sellers of fridges or refrigerators in Pakistan are:

Haier and its refrigerators:

Haier Group Corporation that is also called Haier is an international household appliances firm of China that is based in Shandong. And, this brand has been serving customers for a lot of decades credibly.

Regarding the multiple refrigerators of Haier, we noticed during our review or analysis that these machines have notable icing technology for rapid cooling, a removable anti-fungal gasket for ensuring food protection against fungi, big cooling pads for providing adequate coolness, strong glass shelves for storing your eatable products, twin inverter compressor for saving electricity, and powerful dual fan for maintaining fresh odour within the internal sections.

Dawlance and its fridges:

Dawlance is a household appliances company of Pakistan that is a subsidiary of a Turkish firm called Arçelik. This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Also, founded in 1980, the company was attained by Arçelik in the year, 2016. Plus, Dawlance has been serving its clients for multiple decades dependably.

Well, Dawlance refrigerators contain European technology; plus, these items cool your food products fast. The majority of these appliances have an optimized fan with deodorizing filter. Plus, the fridges contain side illumination LED; then, these appliances also have optimized door pockets. One more interesting point. These fridges are energy-efficient as well. And, their cooling retention is impressive for being up to 6 days.

Samsung and its refrigerators:

Samsung (a South Korean company) is one of the main manufacturers of electronic appliances in the world. Plus, Samsung is an adept in the manufacturing of electronic products that include semiconductors, memory chips, integrated systems, and digital media devices, etc.

For example, several Samsung fridges have LED displays. Then, these fridges are also energy-efficient by nature. And, the machines have smooth glass shelves, are low noise refrigerators, have anti-bacteria protectors, and have digital inverter compressors. Plus, these refrigerators have simple, minimalist, or elegant designs.

Best Samsung Refrigerator price in Pakistan:

Model Name Types Price in Pakistan
Samsung RB21KMF Bottom Mount Freezer with Digital Inverter Top Mount Fridges ₨58,320.00


Samsung RT-46H5200 Refrigerator Top Mount Fridges ₨96,600.00


Samsung RT29K5110SP Refrigerator Top Mount Fridges ₨124,200.00


Samsung RT50K6360 Refrigerator Top Mount Fridges ₨132,192.00



Hopefully, you might have understood all the points regarding the guide for buying fridges in Pakistan. Besides, Ittefaq Say sells high-quality fridges of reliable companies. And, if you desire to analyse these appliances on a trustworthy online store, do visit Ittefaq Electronics. Hmm, it might be that you could attain the item of your choice. That’s all from our side. And, until the publication of next piece on our blog, stay connected with us to get more updates.


Enjoy Your Time at Home with a Smart LED Television

Smart LED televisions operate through the internet, can perform streaming, and show terrestrial broadcasts. These appliances became platforms for the integration of both internet and many other web services. Along with this, the devices also provide a technologically sound way for joining television and other devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Also, smart TVs became relatively common nowadays. Such televisions offer a wide range of functionalities from web surfing to downloading your favourite applications.
Below are a few attributes of a smart LED TV for keeping you and your family entertained when you’re at home.

1. YouTube:

Most of us watch a smart television for remaining informed and up-to-date on both local and international news. You could also stay alert regarding news through YouTube that is present in your smart LED TV. And, you could stay updated with COVID-19 news through this SM (social media) channel as well because each social media platform is regularly updated and keeps you well-informed.

Plus, YouTube has many videos that invite you to listen to live music, cooking, and exercises, etc., so you might stay connected online when you’re at home. This application has a lot of free movies for your entertainment as well.

2. Personalized watch-list:

It’s tough to decide what to watch sometimes, especially with a lot of options. If you have a lot of streaming services, you’d find this difficult to select what to watch, and this process is time-consuming as well. So, you have a personalized watch-list in your smart LED TV.

3. Games & Google Play Store:

Google Play Store has multiple options when the matter is of applications and games. This also has a lot of apps for TV, movies, comedies, and other things for learning something new. And, there are many multiplayer games in the store that you could play with your friends during your stay at home. This is when you need a smart TV that has Google Play Store.

4. Stay healthy with your smart TV:

You don’t have to become tense for your mental and physical health when you are staying at home during COVID-19. YouTube (an app of a smart television) is a highly useful application that features such videos that help you promote mental as well as physical welfare. Plus, Google Play Store also has many health-related applications that offer various techniques and stay-at-home exercises. You could also enjoy guided meditation on your smart television for feeling relaxed and enjoying your downtime.

5. Chrome casting:

You could experience a stroll down memory lane by watching your old photographs on your smart TV. All you have to do is attach your smartphone or tablet with your smart TV through Chrome casting.

What are the best brands that are sellers of smart LED TVs?

We reviewed a lot of brands of smart LED TVs. And we found that the following companies are the most effective brands of these appliances:

Haier and smart LED TVs:

Haier Group Corporation, which is also called Haier, is a multinational electronic home appliances company of China that is located in Shandong. Plus, this brand has been serving its clients for several decades credibly.

When we examined the smart LED TVs of Haier on the internet, we became aware of some highly noticeable points. These smart TVs are purchasable for having impressive features such as simple/elegant design, smooth/clear pictures, standard sound quality, Google Chrome casting, multiple apps, and cost-effective nature, etc.

Samsung and smart LED TVs:

Samsung, which is a South Korean company, is one of the major manufacturers of electronic devices in the world. And, Samsung is an expert in the production of user and industry electronics that involves semiconductors, electronic appliances, digital media devices, memory chips, and integrated systems.

Also, when we analysed Samsung smart LED TVs online, we concluded that these devices provide multiple plus points. For example, the appliances have admirable picture quality, built-in apps, remarkable audio quality, and energy-saving ability.

EcoStar and smart LED TVs:

DWP Group is one of the major worldwide providers of electronic products, services, and solutions. Well, from the house of DWP Group, EcoStar emerged that is known as a brand of quality and technological superiority. And, carrying the legacy of DWP, EcoStar has the latest consumer electronic solutions and rapid after-sales support so that its clients could remain contented and inspire EcoStar to keep on delivering them the best solutions.

Plus, regarding the smart LED TVs of EcoStar, we have some noteworthy info to share with you. EcoStar smart LED TVs are admired for having impressive image quality, and these appliances also have the feature of accurate colours and sound. Then, the products display a lot of standard features such as multiple apps, gaming facility, screen mirroring, and highly advanced technology, etc.


Hopefully, you might have understood all the points regarding the essential attributes of a smart LED television. Moreover, Ittefaq Electronics has been selling quality smart LED TVs for a long time. And, if you want to examine the price and other features of these devices related to popular companies on a trustworthy online store, do visit Ittefaq Electronics website. Plus, it might be that you could attain the product(s) of your choice. So, that’s all from our side. And, keep on visiting our blog for more useful/engaging/informative blog pieces.


Tips for Keeping your Appliances Clean | Best Microwave Oven in 2021

Everyone is currently concerned about staying hygienic and germ-free across the world, so it’s essential that you remember to keep your devices clean. There’s no way one could forget to sanitize one’s hands after touching an object. But what about your appliances that you use regularly!

Plus, microwave ovens, smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and headphones are most regularly used. But these are usually the last thing we think about when the matter is of hygiene. We have all been hearing that washing hands with warm and soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds is the simplest way for staying clean. But what about your devices?

Tips for sanitizing some of your devices and keeping them clean


Sanitize your phone daily by using a clean tissue or dry cloth for removing any dirt or fingerprints and keep the device covered in the phone case as long as possible. You could also apply a somewhat damp cloth for wiping your device and keeping your screen clean. But don’t use harsh chemicals on the phone screen directly, or this could leave the phone damaged. So, use cotton buds for cleaning the ports of the mobile phone. And, don’t forget to sanitize your phone case or cover as well. Plus, ensure that the phone is thoroughly dry before you put the cover back on it.

And, you should use 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox disinfecting wipes in case of iPhones, so you might gently wipe the external surfaces of the iPhone.


Since we spend enough amount of our day working on a laptop, this is important that you disinfect your laptop by cleaning the laptop screen and keypad with clean and dry clothe. Besides, another way for keeping your laptop free from germs is to unplug and turn off the laptop and clean it with a mixture of some alcohol and water in a cup. Then, dip a microfiber cloth in that mixture. And, squeeze & wipe the device properly. Lastly, make sure no dust or crumbs are present in between the keys by cleaning the device carefully.

Tablets & headphones:

Don’t forget to sanitize your tablets and headphones. If you use your tablet or headphone regularly for watching videos or playing games for many hours, so keep your tablet and headphone clean as well. We suggest you don’t keep the headphones in the bag as the wires of headphones become dirty easily when these are kept in the bag. Therefore, keep your ear pods in some reliable box.

Digital cameras: 

As far as digital cameras are concerned, don’t let your friends use your camera as much as possible. Or, ensure that they have washed their hands before and after using the camera and keep the device clean. Just like phones, laptops &  ovens, cameras could be kept sanitized by using a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Well, Min cream is good too, and this could be used to clean the camera body. This cream is non-hazardous and has a multi-purpose use, and it’s easily available at hardware stores or on the internet. For the lens, you could apply a dry microfiber cloth for getting rid of dust and fingerprints.

Well, it’s time for us to tell you where you could find one of the above-mentioned devices. So, you might purchase a microwave oven from credible brands of Pakistan. To know more about quality microwave ovens, read the content below.

What are the best or highly successful brands or companies of microwave ovens within Pakistan?

We examined a lot of brands online that sell microwave ovens. But we found the following companies as highly successful brands of ovens. These brands are:


Dawlance is a household appliances company of Pakistan that is a subsidiary of a Turkish company, Arçelik. This firm is based in Karachi. Well, the company was founded in the year of 1980. And, it was attained by Istanbul-based Arçelik in 2016. And, Dawlance has been serving its clients for a lot of decades reliably.

Microwave ovens of Dawlance:

Regarding the analysis of some Dawlance microwave ovens, we have a lot of interesting information to share with you. The analysis of some of these ovens showed that these appliances are purchasable for having many useful characteristics such as high load capacity, elegant design, multi-functional feature (baking, grilling, broiling, warming), quality internal lamp, European quality standard, and high input power, etc.

Best Dawlance Microwave ovens:


Haier Group Corporation or Haier is an international household appliances company and user electronics firm that is based in China. And, this brand has been serving its clients for several decades successfully.

Microwave ovens of Haier:

Well, when we analysed some microwave ovens of Haier, we noticed several beneficial points. These appliances are reliable for having many useful characteristics such as high load capacity, multifunctional devices, flame failure feature, standard internal light, and attractive design, etc.

Best Haier Microwave oven:


Originated by Mian Muhammad Fazal in 1957, Orient group is a business that is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Plus, the firm provides its clients with different kinds of products, which include household appliances, and has been doing business for several decades credibly.

Microwave ovens of Orient:

Plus, when we analysed some microwave ovens of Orient, we concluded many notable points. These devices are credible for having several useful features such as beautiful design, more than one function, energy-saving feature, child safety lock, easy to use nature, and multi-level cooking, etc.


In short, we hope that you might have understood all points regarding the tips for keeping your appliances clean. Besides, Ittefaq Say has been selling quality microwave ovens to its customers for a long duration. So, if you want to analyse the price/cost and other features of ovens related to famous brands on a reliable online store, do visit Ittefaq Say website. We believe that there are high chances that you might get the product(s) of your choice. Hmm, that’s all for today; plus, keep on visiting our blog for more useful, engaging, and effective blog pieces.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Maintaining Toasters

A Toaster will never let you go to bed without breakfast. A toaster is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. It makes bread crisp and deliciously toasty in a very short time. Modern and automatic toasters allow you to do other tasks during operation, such as packing your bags, making your makeup, knotting your tie, or even doing your makeup.

1. Different types of toasters

First, choose the type of toaster you want to purchase for your home. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of sophisticated toasters.

There are three types of toasters: countertop toaster ovens; conventional toasters; and pop-up toasters. The last option is the best choice for modern kitchens as it takes less time and uses less space. You can choose between a 2-slice and 4-slice toaster when you order a toaster online.

Countertop toaster ovens, as well as conventional toasters, are easier to clean because they come with large trays that make it easy to move.

2. Look out for these features:

This buying guide can help you find the best toaster for you kitchen. These are some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for a top-quality toaster.

  • You should look for a sandwich maker or toaster that offers different browning options. You can choose the one that allows you to switch between light toasted and dark roasted, depending on what your preferences are.
  • It is important to consider the size of your toaster. Choose a toaster that can be easily placed in your kitchen.
  • Toasters’ safety features are crucial. There are many options, such as insulation for buttons and exposed surfaces, automatic turning off and a timer.
  • A toaster with a melting option can be used to quickly place frozen bread slices from the freezer in your toaster.
  • Easy maintenance is the last and most important characteristic of a toaster. The crumb crust should be removable so that it is easy to clean. Pop-up toasters are the most difficult to maintain, but they are also the easiest kitchen appliances for use.

3. How to clean a toaster.

You only need a liquid cleaning solution and a clean cloth to clean a countertop or convection toaster or sandwich maker. To clean the inside of your pop-up toaster, you will need a cloth, washing liquid and a small brush. A little apple cider vinegar can be used to remove all stains from stainless-steel ovens.

4. Maintaining your toaster:

You can pull out the crumb tray each day or week and take out any extra crumbs. If the tray becomes very dirty, you can wash it but make sure it is dry completely before you replace it. Next, remove the plug from the toaster and place it upside-down on a kitchen shelf.

A detergent spray with a little apple cider vinegar can be used to clean your toaster once per month. To remove crumbs from toaster’s hard areas, you can use a pastry brush or a basting brush. Even if you are only wiping the appliance, make sure it is not plugged.

We hope you have now understood everything about how to buy and maintain a toaster. You can also visit Ittefaq Say to see some standard toasters. Visit this store to see the prices and other details of these products, and decide if you can find your favorite device.