Electric Heater

A Practical Guide of Energy Efficient Electric Heater

An electric heater is a device that employs an electric source to convert electrical energy into heat energy. The resistors usually carry this out, creating room for radiant energy. Apart from its use to warm up room temperatures, an electric heater is also used to heat food in colder regions.

The main concern is the increase in electricity costs due to electric heaters. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the power rating of the heater, the more the production of heat and the greater the electricity bill. Fortunately, various options can be considered, simultaneously performing the task and being energy-efficient.

Types of Electric Heaters

The various types of electric heaters present in the global market are as follows:

  1. Electric Furnace
  2. Electric Wall Heaters
  3. Infrared Heaters
  4. Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric Furnace

Electric Furnace

The first on the list is an electric furnace. The furnace is an electric heater predominantly used to increase room temperatures and access heat to combine metals. Some reasons justify the use of the stove in a household or industries; safety, efficiency, and affordability. Since electric furnaces do not use gas or oil, carbon monoxide becomes redundant, and the precious family is free from any risks. Although electricity units are costlier than gas, oil, or coal, an electric furnace does not consume much power, making it pocket-friendly and eco-friendly for increasing room temperatures. Cost is yet another factor that retains the interest of the product – an electric furnace is usually within the budget line and is worth the investment. The minimal space required and hassle-free installation process create a win-win situation.

Electric Wall Heaters

Electric Wall Heaters

As the name suggests, electric wall heaters are placed on the walls and possess a heating element with a fan to disperse the warmth across places. As far as the advantages are concerned, wall heaters are pocket-friendly and free of combustion accumulation. The absence of ducts inhibits the spread of allergens, and the heating process is quick. Wall heaters are generally placed in interior walls for insulation. However, wall heaters can cover a small space, and the device might not be favorable if you want warmness in a larger area.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters

An Infrared heater is yet another attractive device on which one should keep an eye. The distinct aspect of the device is that it heats the object to the same extent as heating a room. Infrared heaters function homogeneously to the sun; when you come in front of the light, you feel warm. The wavelengths create instant heat and a noise-free heating method due to a lack of a fan. The zero-carbon emission and lack of flames make it an environment-friendly heater. The free of pollutants device requires fewer maintenance costs than its counterparts, allowing consumers to keep it one of the top purchase priorities.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Last but not least, we have electric baseboard heaters. Baseboard heaters possess thermostats and aluminum fans to produce and disperse warmth. The cooler air is stored in the heater’s bottom. The biggest USP (Unique Selling Product) of a baseboard is the zone heating, setting different temperatures for various rooms without the impact of any external factor. The pros include a noise-free environment and a feasible installation process. Nevertheless, the device often gets extremely hot and creates security risks. Better to keep children away from its reach. The purchase and maintenance costs create a barrier between the product and the consumer – the highest among all.

Energy Efficiency

Electric heaters are often believed to be fully energy-efficient and do not add a single penny to the bills. However, the reality is something different. Even though the electric current is converted to heat energy, Kilowatts and time consumption are the decisive factors of costs. Also, the maintenance costs should be addressed when one talks of electric heaters.


We reach an end here. Informed purchase decisions could be made by each heater’s cost and benefit analysis. It is crucial to purchase from a trusted source with a year’s warranty. Are you fed up with the extreme cold in winter? Don’t worry, since an electric heater has got you covered.


Professional Range

Professional Range Buyers Guide

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Your range demands are probably different from those of your friends or neighbors, as there are many factors to consider, such as aesthetics, particular culinary amenities, and environmental concerns. You can give your home a polished, restaurant-inspired look and feel by installing a professional range. This appliance offers superior features and sturdy materials in sizes and designs that match your space. Continue reading to find out more about the capabilities of a professional-style range for your home and what to think about before buying.

Why Professional Style Ranges Are Worth Buying?

Professional Range

  • Pro-style ranges are available in a huge range of sizes. Think about your cooking style and the size of your kitchen while planning it. The widths of the pro ranges are 60 inches, 48 inches, 36 inches, 30 inches, and 24 inches. The 36″ and 48″ pro range sizes are the most popular. Consider your cooking style and the size of your kitchen when choosing a size.
  • Additional burners are available with pro-style ranges. In actuality, five or six burners are quite typical. Some of these ranges even include unique features, such as a griddle in the middle point that can give you a lot of additional cooking space.
  • A professional-style range has enough capacity if you ever need to bake, broil, sear, and sauté all at once. They come in extra-large sizes that are significantly wider than the typical 30-inch widths. A larger oven and more burners are frequently included in that extra width.
  • The double oven is one extremely useful feature of pro-style ovens. You can cook several things at once and at two different temperatures.
  • Pro-style, dual-fuel ranges are a fantastic addition to a kitchen and may significantly improve your cooking experience. A unique range that delivers both gas and electric heating is called a dual fuel range. Dual fuel ranges combine the responsiveness of a gas stove top with the consistent cooking of an electric oven, making it the perfect cooking solution for the most demanding cooks.

What Should You Look For Before Buying?

Take a Look at the Size

Pro-style ranges often come in conventional widths of 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches, as was previously indicated. Greater burners or additional cooktop alternatives, such as griddles and grills, as well as more oven area, are available with wider widths. So, purchase one that fits your needs and kitchen space.

Get the Best Deal

A budget is one of the most important factors to consider. Online shopping can sometimes be cheaper than in-store shopping. There’s nothing to worry about if you do your research. Make a comparison between the online and in-store prices. With so many brands to choose from, high-end brands are still growing due to their short supply and great demand, which allows them to charge exorbitant rates for their products. It’s crucial to understand the distinctions between what you get from a high-end brand and what you get from an average brand if you don’t have a budget or want to give your kitchen a lavish facelift. If your budget won’t allow you to buy one of the more expensive Pro-style models, you may always buy a less expensive Non-Pro model and add a few of the features you want.

Pick the Type of Fuel You Want

Although pro-style burners are always gas, either a gas or an electric oven can be used with them (called “dual fuel”). While providing more cooking options and more consistent heat, electric ovens can be more expensive. Gas ovens are preferred by some cooks because they produce a moister heat. Self-cleaning gas ovens aren’t available on most pro-style units, and those that do can be very expensive. While most people choose electric ovens for their constant heat that produces more equal baking, gas cooktops offer quick heat response and straightforward management.

What Type Of Burner Do You Want: Sealed Or Open?

When you purchase a brand-new professional range, there are numerous factors to think about. You might also need to select the burner style if you recently decided to buy a new pro-style gas range. Open and sealed burners are the two most used types. In an open burner, all the components are exposed, so the flames can be easily seen and exposed to the air and to anything that falls into them. Sealing burners, on the other hand, have a seal separating the burner from the frame that holds pots and pans. No spills or crumbs can fall onto the flame because the burner components are covered rather than exposed to the air.

Your particular tastes will determine whether you choose an open or sealed burner. There are several benefits and drawbacks to each decision. In a professional kitchen, open burners are frequently preferred by chefs, but sealed burners are frequently used for home kitchens. The less expensive of the two is open burners. However, sealed burners certainly look stylish in a contemporary kitchen. Sealed cooktops can provide your home kitchen certain elegance if your budget permits it.


You can now think about which professional range is best for your kitchen after learning about some of the numerous advantages a pro-style range provides. Make sure the electrical or gas configuration of your home is appropriate. If you utilize gas, make sure to have a propane tank or a natural gas pipeline to supply fuel for burners. Find out how to create one if you don’t already have one. You’ll probably need 240 volts if your oven is electric. It is advisable to have an electrician examine your wiring if you are unsure. And if you choose a dual fuel option, you’ll need to complete all of this.


How to Transport Your Refrigerator ?

The transportation of large appliances is one of the more difficult tasks when moving to a new location. Complications can arise while moving large things like refrigerators. Professional movers are familiar with these issues. They can leak, gather mold or mildew, ruin flooring, and damage walls; the chance of all of these things is higher if you’re transporting them yourself. There is no method or hidden technique that will make moving a fridge easier. In addition to being big and heavy, refrigerators are also very expensive. Depending on your situation, it can be wise to let professionals do this task. If, however, that is not an option, we have you covered. Use the appropriate tools and be a little patient when planning to prevent damage to this pricey household appliance. To do it safely, adhere to the following instructions.

Before Moving, What Should You Do?

  • The day before moving, turn off and disconnect your refrigerator. You can allow the oils and fluids time to settle and stop flowing through the compressor by turning off your refrigerator the night before. To avoid leaks, spills, and damage when moving a fridge, you must disconnect the water hose from the automated ice maker and remove all of the ice from the compartment.
  • Let’s begin emptying the refrigerator and freezer now. It’s advisable to remove everything from a fridge before attempting to move it. Inspect your refrigerator and freezer to make sure they are empty of all food, condiments, ice cube trays, and other items that could move around or change weight.
  • It’s time to defrost your refrigerator after emptying it. You’ll need to defrost the freezer if there is a lot of frost inside before continuing with the move. Make sure you give yourself enough time before the relocation because it will often take 6 to 8 hours to finish. It is preferable to do this the night before moving so that the refrigerator has time to defrost overnight and may be cleaned out in the morning.
  • Remove any glass shelves or drawers from the refrigerator along with any loose pieces after wiping out any water that may have remained inside. For moving, clean, dry, wrap and pack each one separately.
  • Doors should be shut and locked. Tie the door handles together if your refrigerator has two doors. Avoid tying the refrigerator too firmly to avoid pulling the doors out of alignment. It is not advised to use tape to secure the door since it could leave a residue or harm the refrigerator’s finish.
  • It can be tempting to handle the work alone because a fridge needs to be held upright and moved by a dolly, so enlist some assistance.
  • How you relocate the fridge will be greatly influenced by its breadth and the size of your entrances. Use your tape measure to determine the fridge’s dimensions, height, and depth. After that, carefully map out the path you’ll walk from your kitchen to your front door and take doorway measurements along the way. To make additional space, doors might need to be taken out.

The “Moving” Part

As you are aware, a refrigerator requires a large expenditure. When moving a refrigerator, you should spend money on high-quality packing supplies that will shield it from dings, scratches, and bumps. To create the initial level of protection, use expert packing materials. Following that, you should wrap the fridge in moving blankets and tape the blankets to the appliance.

Once entirely covered, you must determine how to transfer a refrigerator. Since most refrigerators have wheels, moving one should not be too challenging. If not, a refrigerator trolley would be one of the greatest pieces of equipment to utilize. It can support the weight of the refrigerator and make transferring it easier, especially if it needs to be transferred downstairs. Use a strap as well to secure the refrigerator to the trolley. You are now prepared to roll the refrigerator through your predetermined route and onto the moving truck after transferring it to your trolley and using moving straps to keep it in place. Keep one of your helpers on each side of the fridge so they can watch out for it falling off.

Roll the refrigerator cautiously to the truck once it is attached to the trolley. To retain the greatest level of security, it is crucial to proceed in the direction opposing the tilt. Load the refrigerator into the moving truck or pickup truck using a plank. It is considerably simpler to move along a plank or platform than it is to load the refrigerator onto the truck by yourself. If at all possible, avoid setting the refrigerator on its side. Using additional straps along the top and sides of the refrigerator fasten it to the truck. Instead of having to re-secure the fridge once it has arrived at its ultimate location, it is simpler to leave it on the trolley at this stage.

After The Move

It is far simpler and faster to unload your refrigerator at its new location than to pack and load it for transportation. Enable the refrigerator to stand upright for 24 hours after moving it to its new position to allow all the fluids to settle before connecting it. Put the shelves and drawers back in their original locations while you wait. The manufacturer recommends waiting 24 to 72 hours before adding food to the machine once it has been plugged back in. To avoid food spoiling or bacterial growth, it’s crucial to wait until your fridge reaches its safe cooling temperature.

Clothes streamer

Pros, How to Use a Clothes Steamer Properly

A cloth steamer is an appliance that utilizes hot steam, generally exceeding 180 degrees Celsius. A cloth steamer is in hot demand in this contemporary world, where people tend to stand out from everyone. Before we proceed to the ‘how to part, we must be familiar with a steamer’s many advantages.

Advantages of a Cloth Steamer

Steaming is generally considered better than dry cleaning and ironing as far as the perseverance of the quality is concerned. Steaming takes 10 to 15 minutes and is worth the investment, given its various perks. As the temperature exceeds 180 degrees Celsius, the bacteria that has accumulated over time gets killed, creating a win-win situation. In addition to this, the creases are dealt with effectively. A Cloth steamer is also an eco-friendly way to add freshness to the fabric.

The Process

To properly use a cloth steamer, the following steps are prerequisites.

  1. Fill the steamer tank
  2. Turn the steamer on
  3. Put your garment on a hanger
  4. Run the nozzle over your garment
  5. Let the garments dry properly


1: Fill the steamer tank

Clothes streamer

 The first and foremost step to take is to fill the steamer tank with distilled water, to be particular. Distilled water is free of minerals and contaminants and is favorable to use in the steamer. Underground water disperses harm on the cloth and the appliance by reducing its efficiency and creating a shorter life. It is the water that will evaporate and cause steam.

2: Turn the steamer on

Clothes streamer

Followed by this, we need to turn the steamer on by plugging in the socket on a nearby switchboard. Typically, the appliance is ready for use within 3-5 minutes. Therefore, do not directly use the steamer after plug-in.

3: Put your garment on a hanger

Garment Streamer

What we have next on the list is the placement of the cloth on a hanger. It is unfavorable to place the fabric on an iron stand, as steaming is done correctly on an upright-placed material. It is important to hang them in a place where all sections of the clothes are reachable.

4: Run the nozzle over your garment

Garment Streamer

The fourth step is to run the nozzle over the garment. A nozzle is a device that exists on a steamer that gives direction. It is essential to move the nozzle continuously to avoid the accumulation of moisture. Also, keeping the nozzle away from the cloth some inches away is vital. A top-to-bottom movement will work the best due to the downward pressure, i.e., gravity.

5: Let the garments dry properly

Garment Streamer

The last step is to dry the garments correctly. Drying the steamed cloth before placing it in the closet is essential to get rid of the wet spots that are rife.


We reach an end here. We need to follow the abovementioned steps to accurately use an electric steamer without neglecting the advantages. We can purchase a high-quality electric steamer from an e-commerce store or a nearby local market. We should not forget to keep the steamer clean to increase durability.


Washing Machines

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes in Washing Machines

Have you ever spoiled your day by ending in messy laundry due to your own mistake? We got covered you in this article. Read this article to know which common mistakes we usually do which end our laundry day in panic and frustrating day for you.

Overlapping Of Fabric Colors:

Sometimes our favorite dress ruin just due to overlapping the dye from another dress. This is totally due to our mistake because we don’t separate the clothes before the washing cycle. To avoid this distressful scenario always separate your white clothes and light-colored clothes from dark-colored fabrics which lose their color after washing. And wash all these groups in separate washing cycles in Washing Machines.

Tissues in the Pocket:

Yes, this is the main reason to ruin our laundry day. Due to this, we have to spend more time on the laundry. Because when tissues remain in the pockets of your dress and you start washing them during spinning this tissue divide into many small pieces and stick to all other laundries present in this cycle. So, always check the pockets of your pants, jeans, and shirts to cross-check whether you remove the tissues from the dresses or not.

Setting Of Temperature:

Setting the temperature for your laundry is the most crucial part. If you don’t have any know-how about which temperature is suitable for which type of fabric. Then definitely you will end up spoiling your most loved dresses.

So, always read the instructions mentioned on the dresses to avoid any discomfort.

Using Detergent Excessively:

Using an excessive amount of detergent helps to clean dirty laundry is purely a myth. Excessive use of detergent makes the dress faded, rough, and spoiled even after two to three washes. The tip to get more clean clothes after laundry is to set the washing cycle wisely. It has no link with the quantity of detergent.

Over Washing Time:

Just like the detergent, the over-washing time has nothing to do with the cleaning process. If you have more dirty and tidy clothes then choose your detergent wisely this gives you the best result rather than setting over time for washing. Over washing will spoil your dresses and make their looks so old and rough.

Wash your Machine:

When you don’t clean your washing machine on regular basis then mold develops in the washing drum which results in a fishy smell in your clothes even after washing. So, always clean your machine on regular basis.


As you have read the most common mistakes we usually do in hurry and to save time without knowing that it will lead us to spend more time and do more work in our laundry day. So try to avoid these mistakes. Always separate your clothes, set the right temperature, empty your pockets before washing choose quality detergent, wash your washing machines regularly, and never set excessive time for washing. These are all hacks to save your laundry day.

The Easy Guide on How to Clean Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are excellent. You have access to tasty, clean, and crisp water at any time. The functionality of modern water dispensers is extremely astounding. However, you must keep them clean to keep them operating well. You should clean and disinfect your water dispenser every three to six months. By doing so, germs (microbes) will be killed, the water will not be contaminated, and produce the fresh, clean, and hygienic water you require.

Why you should clean your water dispenser? Over time, minerals from your water source accumulate, leaving a white or brown film on surfaces inside your dispenser. This accumulation may get into your water and alter the flavor if you don’t clean your dispenser. But before, when carrying out any maintenance on your water dispenser always read and abides by the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Consult the handbook to avoid damaging the dispenser because the parts and internal workings differ depending on the brand and model.

What to Do Before Starting the Cleaning Process?

  • Make sure the machine is unplugged before you begin! It’s important to turn off the power supply before working near the machine’s inner components.
  • Next, prepare your tools which include a sponge brush, washcloth, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and cleaning solution (vinegar or bleach). It is perfectly acceptable to use bleach or any other cleaning, although it is much better to use vinegar or unscented bleach. Cleaning with vinegar helps you quickly get rid of all the bacteria, germs, and the like while also keeping your drinking water clean and safe to drink.
  • Prepare the vinegar solution! You only need a bucket and undiluted vinegar to make the concoction. For every three parts of water, add one part of white vinegar. Therefore, use 1/3 of a gallon (5 1/3 cups) of white vinegar for every gallon of water.
  • Create the bleach mixture. If you decide to use a gallon of water, add 1 tablespoon of bleach to it. Use unscented bleach if you can, since it will be simpler to get the smell out in the end.

A Water Dispenser’s Cleaning Procedure

  • Remove the bottle and allow the operating mechanisms to drain for about five minutes.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the sponge and clean the inner surface of the water cooler. Once it has stood for two to five minutes, drain it through the tap and into a separate container. You can drain this container down the sink or the toilet.
  • Rinse the inner reservoir with water four times and drain it into a bucket to remove the remaining cleaning solution.
  • After cleaning the dispenser, rinse the tray and screen with clean tap water before putting them back in the dispenser. If there are any tight spaces, make sure they are completely dry so that moisture does not remain in them.
  • Wipe the new bottle with a towel. Whenever you manipulate the bottle again, remember to wash your hands first. After that, place the new bottle in its place after removing the cap.
  • Reconnect the dispenser to the electrical outlet. Fill a glass with water and, if your dispenser has two faucets, use both of them. Make sure there is no bad taste remaining in the water by tasting it.

Note: To keep your water dispenser hygienic and secure for you and your family, you only need to take a few quick actions to clean it (mentioned above). The cost of a water dispenser in Pakistan may vary, but ITTEFAQ should be your top pick if you want the best water dispenser!


What to Look for Before You Buy a Coffee Maker

One of the most well-liked and well-known drinks in the world is coffee. It is standard practice for coffee drinkers to have more than one cup every day, and many people drink a cup to get the caffeine boost they need to get through their day in the mornings. However, you can make just as good coffee at home for less money than you would pay at a coffee shop for your daily cup. You can make delicious cafe-quality beverages at home using a home coffee maker!

The possession of a home coffee maker has several advantages. The significant advantage of making coffee at home is that you may customize it as you like. You can add whatever ingredients come to mind to your morning cup, and even if it doesn’t turn out well, you can try something else later. Get a coffee maker for home so you can make your favorite cafe-style coffee at home. But the question is: How do you determine which is best for you? You need to be aware of the following before moving forward.

Type of Coffee:

Coffee lovers have a range of coffee makers to select from, each with its unique features and functionality. Think about the kind of coffee you enjoy drinking when purchasing a coffee maker. Does drinking espresso satisfy you? Do you like cappuccino instead? What do you think about sipping a macchiato, long black, or flat white? Make sure the coffee maker you ultimately choose can provide you with the type of coffee you like to consume. There is plenty of variety available if you are looking for it. Today, hybrid coffee machines are available that brew coffee of different types. If you enjoy both coffee and espresso and want to make each one to perfection, having two machines on the counter will take up a lot of space. The purchase of a hybrid machine will likely be less expensive and take up less space than buying two separate machines.


The second significant aspect you will see while examining the types is size or capacity. If you are purchasing a coffee maker for office, you probably need one with a large capacity; but, if you are purchasing one for your house, your needs will be different. In the same way that coffee makers may produce a range of coffee blends, they can provide various brew sizes.

Single-cup makers are ideal for single people or households where each resident has a distinct taste in coffee. For persons who drink a lot of coffee, as well as for family breakfasts, brunches with the neighbors, or dinner parties when coffee is served, larger-capacity brewers are ideal. Even commercial-sized brewers that can produce enough coffee for modest occasions are available for use at huge gatherings. Many machines can produce 12 cups at once, while others can produce fewer; however, by knowing the ideal capacity, you may have the best.


When looking for a new coffee maker, convenience and use are typically top priorities. People begin their mornings in various ways. Some people have the time to wait for their coffee to brew, but others prefer to have it hot and ready as soon as they get up. Choose the level of convenience you desire from a coffee maker before searching for a list of the top ones on the market right now. Check out the coffee maker online price and buy one according to your needs. An electric coffee maker might be suitable for you if you want to brew coffee first thing in the morning. Consider purchasing a manual pull-over coffee maker if you don’t mind paying close attention to a machine to produce the ideal cup.


After considering all the important factors, the major factor that you must consider is the coffee maker’s pricing. Buy the best coffee maker that fits your budget if you want to end up investing your hard-earned money in something worthwhile. Consider the initial and ongoing costs of the coffee maker as you compare various models. You might be able to save money on repair costs if you invest some money today in a high-quality coffee maker that will last for years rather than buying a cheap one that will need to be repaired frequently.


Mixer Grinder Problems and their Solutions

Mixer grinders are without a doubt, the single most crucial device that can be found in a contemporary kitchen, and it is indisputable that they come with a high price tag. After using it for a few months, you could run into specific typical mixer grinder difficulties. Rather than mending it, most customers end up replacing the whole mixer grinder rather than attempting to fix it.

Because of this, we decided to write this post to provide in-depth information on the common mixer grinder difficulties and the solutions to those problems.

6 Common Mixer Grinder Related Problems:

1: Consuming more Time in the Grinding Process

One of the most typical issues with the masala mixer grinder is that the blades take an interminable amount of time to grind the ingredients. It works in opposition to one of the primary functions of the mixer grinder, which is to grind materials in the blink of an eye.

Solutions: There are two primary explanations for this phenomenon. The first issue is the sluggish rotating speed of the blades, which may be brought on by food particles being lodged between the joints of the blades. This may be readily remedied by disassembling the blade, cleaning it well by soaking it in warm water and scrubbing it, and making sure that each particle is removed so that the speed can be increased to its full potential.

The blades of the mixer grinder eventually get dull, which is why the grinding process is so sluggish. This makes the mixer grinder inefficient. You may either sharpen the blade by hand with a stone, or you can use the blade to grind rock salt, which will cause the blade to sharpen itself automatically. Both options are available to you if you need to sharpen the blade

  1. Leakage:

One of the most aggravating top juicer mixer grinder-related concerns is the jar leaking since it wastes all the ingredients and causes a mess in the kitchen. It is generally caused owing to three key factors.

Solutions: A damaged rubber gasket that closes the jar’s bottom and stops the ingredients from seeping might cause leakage. Overheating, when the grinder is used for extended durations, may cause a rubber gasket to loosen or melt. After purchasing the necessary rubber gasket from your local home improvement shop, you may do the replacement yourself at your leisure.

Leaks may also occur as a consequence of a fractured jar. It frequently occurs if it is made out of poor-grade materials. For the time being, flex tape may be used to fix it, but it will need to be replaced eventually.

Another cause for leaking is the loose blade which enables the liquid ingredients to escape via the flexible joint. To prevent this, ensure the blade is tight and does not leak.

  1. Overload Tripping:

You may quickly fix this problem in the comfort of your home, a common complaint with hand mixer grinders. It is simply a safety mechanism added to current mixer grinders to prevent the machines from heating up to harmful levels.

Solutions: A mixer grinder can overheat for a variety of reasons. The most essential of them are utilizing excessive ingredients, which may lead to the motor overheating as it is exposed to extreme pressure.

In addition, using a mixer grinder for lengthy periods could cause the motor to overheat due to the friction between the appliance’s components. A defective ventilation system in a mixer grinder may also cause it to overheat if the heat created by the motor cannot escape through the ventilation system.

To prevent the machine from shutting down due to overload, grind your ingredients in several batches rather than all at once. While grinding the ingredients, you should pause the device regularly for short periods. It is also vital to clean the vent at the bottom of the mixer grinder if it gets dusty, as this vent adds to the air circulation in the device.

If the mixer grinder turns off owing to an overload, you may rapidly fix the issue by activating the overload switch, which is frequently placed below the device. After that, wait half an hour for it to cool down before attempting to restart.

  1. Broken Coupler:

A coupler is one of the vulnerable pieces of a mixer grinder because the material it is manufactured with is not sturdy. It is usual for a couple in a mixer grinder to break after a year because the motor turns it at a quick pace.

Solution: You can fix a coupler at home by following specific guides, but I would propose replacing it since mending it at home might take a lot of work which is not worth it because it will fail after a few months.

  1. Stuck Jar:

One of the most frustrating issues with a mixer grinder is when the grinding jar becomes stuck to the unit due to bad bearings. The directions can erode due to the food particles that jam them after entering the approaches via the unsecured blade joints. This may cause the bearings to become damaged. Pouring oil over the motor coupler and turning the device upside down for a few minutes can allow you to free it from its stuck position. Then, using pliers twist it, and it ought to fall out.

Solution: After that, the bearing should be fixed by operating it with no load for two minutes. After that, pour water into the jar until it is about half full, and then let the water run for a few minutes. Because the jar has been fastened at this point, you can simply put it on and take it off.

  1. Stuck Buttons:

When others place the ingredients in the jar, some individuals spill the ingredients, and then they don’t properly clean the mixer grinder afterward. There are many uses of grinder; you can search for uses of mixer grinder. Over time, these ingredients may accumulate within the buttons, which can cause them to get stuck and render them inoperable. Scrubbing them well should take care of the problem. It is possible to take the buttons off certain mixer grinders, making the task much more straightforward.

Best Mixer Online Price:

Model Price
Ecostar EH-BL211-S 2 in 1 Blender Grinder ₨5,200.00
Ecostar EH-JBG311-W 3 In 1 Juicer Blender Grinder ₨6,600.00
Panasonic 2 in 1 Blender & Grinder MX-GX1571 ₨7,500.00
Ecostar EH-FP1010-W 10 in 1 Food Processor ₨10,500.00


Hope you understand the issues with the mixer grinder, the method to fix them, and how to use mixer grinder. If an appliance is not functioning correctly, you should first identify the problem at home before deciding whether to replace it or take it to a repair shop. If it is possible to fix it at home, by all means, do so; otherwise, take it to a qualified technician to get it fixed. In this manner, you may save money throughout the year on the cost of monthly maintenance for your home appliances.

A complete guide on how to buy a Refrigerator

When it comes time to buy a refrigerator, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is the brand. Some brands are better than others and some are more reliable. A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances that no family can do without. Having the opportunity to buy a refrigerator is a heavy responsibility. People who take this responsibility on their shoulders have a preview of the features because there are a lot of things to think about when choosing a refrigerator.


There are several types of refrigerators, when shopping, you need to narrow down several options that include size, style, features, color, capacity, and last but not least, energy-saving features that save money, in short, there are a lot of options and you need to choose the best one. Here is the list of best refrigerator brands in Pakistan.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan 2022

In today’s world, life without refrigerators is like life without breath, as it is considered one of the basic needs of every household. It helps keep your perishable foods fresh and stored for longer. This appliance is manufactured by different companies and is available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of the best brands are as follows.

Therefore, it is a big responsibility to research a brand that is well known in the market for its durability and capacity and then choose the best refrigerator for your home.

Refrigerator price in Pakistan: 



Haier HRF-438 IFPA Refrigerator Inverter ₨85,000.00
Haier HRF-438 IFRA Refrigerator Inverter ₨85,000.00
Haier HRF-438 IFGA Refrigerator Inverter ₨85,000.00
Haier HRF-398 IFPA Refrigerator Inverter ₨82,000.00


Best Refrigerator to Buy in Pakistan?

Have you ever noticed how difficult it would be for a person who does not know the brand and models available in the market to buy a refrigerator? Are you thinking of relying on the opinion of the seller and buying your appliance according to your wishes?


Since you are investing a huge amount in a refrigerator, you have some requirements that should be fulfilled through your purchase. Here are some remarkable tips that everyone should read before buying a refrigerator.

  • family Size matters
  • Available space in your kitchen in your home
  • the features you are looking for in the best refrigerator

Keep the above suggestions in your mind and then go with the brand’s search that is promising a perfect piece for their customers.

How to fix 6 commonly occurring problems in a Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is one of the most important machines without which no one can last an hour because it has played an important role in your home. However, like other machines, the Refrigerator also faces destruction, sometimes it is too little that anyone can handle, but it is only manageable when you are aware of the problem and its solution.

There are some main problems that may you encounter with your refrigerator,


This is the most common problem that every person faces, you need to look at several things to know the reason for the cooling. Inspect the walls of the freezer, condenser cooler, fan motor, temperature control thermostat, and condenser and check each function to determine the problem.

2- Water leakage:

This is a problem that every other household in the community faces. The reason for the leak is you defrost the drain. You need to check the drain box and see what is making it difficult to drain.

3- Difference in the cooling of freezer and fridge parts.

This is a problem that is identified a little late compared to other refrigerator problems, the reason is the motor and coil that are evaporating, some problems require basic solutions while some need professional help.

4- High Consumption of Electricity:

This is the biggest panic for the household because this issue has blown the mind of the household. You must use a power meter to measure consumption, if this is not a problem, then seek professional help.

5- Refrigerator get frosted:

The freezer is the main storage of your refrigerator because it helps to quickly freeze your food and keep it usable for a long time. You can solve this problem by checking the freezer door because it only happens when the door is left open for a long time or the door tape is destroyed and the freezer cannot stay closed for a long time.

6- The light of the Refrigerator is not working:

This usually happens with your refrigerator, this problem has a simple solution, all you have to do is replace the light and if it still causes problems, seek professional help.

Best DC Inverter Refrigerator in Pakistan

Over time, electronics have also developed, and now a new inverter is available on the market. We’ve spent 365 days, around 53 weeks, and 8760 hours on appliances like a fridge, so it’s important to make the right choice when choosing a brand. When choosing electronics, you look at energy consumption because you have to pay the bill for your appliance.

The Orient refrigerator with DC Inverter technology is a compressor that is now standard in all new refrigerators. The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator and is responsible for all functions of the refrigerator. It keeps the Orient fridge running all day and ensures that every meal is fresh and nutritious. This inverter can adapt to the user’s behavior and adjust the speed according to his needs. Another important task of a DC inverter is that it produces less sound compared to a traditional one because its compressor runs low in the background and consumes as little electricity as possible.


In conclusion, when it comes to refrigerators in Pakistan, there is no one brand that reigns supreme. All of the brands have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it really depends on what the customer is looking for. Some people might prefer a certain brand because of its design or features, while others might prefer a brand because it is more affordable. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide which refrigerator is best for them. On the ittefaq say website you can find all types and sizes of refrigerators to choose a new top refrigerator in Pakistan for your home today.

Food Processor

Top Reasons Why You Need a Food Processor

A  food processor is not a kitchen appliance that you should take lightly. It can be used to make your cooking life easier in many different ways. The best food processor will have the right features for your needs, whether you are looking for a small food processor or a large one. In this article, we will take a look at the top reasons why you need a food processor. Food processors make cooking easier and more efficient. It can be used for chopping, slicing, grating, and dicing.

If you have been in your kitchen for a while and you are tired of just chopping vegetables to eat, you are not alone. With full days and endless recipes, making a new recipe that requires extra effort may sound daunting, to say the least. Fortunately, Food Processor helps relieve weight loss. Not sure? Here are four ways this product makes your kitchen life much easier.

The Best Food Processor 2022 Buyer’s Guide is also available for everyone to read more about the buying process and what features you should consider before making a purchase.

A food processor can save you a lot of time in the kitchen. Best electric food processors 2022 can chop, slice and dice a variety of foods quickly and easily. They can also make mincing and grinding foods a breeze. They’re great for making quick homemade meals or making larger quantities of foods like Salad dressings or dips. They can also be very versatile in the kitchen and can be used to make a variety of dishes

Food Processors works Perfectly.

Each appliance in your kitchen is valuable to you due to works the appliance in your kitchen can achieve for you, when it comes to cabinets and counters. it is therefore important that you use your limited “world” on purpose. Food Processor will not collect any dust; it will work. It can do the job of a cheese grater, a sharp knife, a spiralizer, a pastry cutter, and more. That translates into a lot of saved space. Extra bonus? The blade attachment fits snugly inside the work container when not in use, so you can stack and store without any additional clutter. Cheap food processors also work efficiently as they are with less features due to low price.

Food Processor is easy to Clean.

Unlike other kitchen appliances that may have large parts, hard to reach areas and cranes, and pieces that need to be washed by hand, ours is a clean air cleaner as the dishwasher is safe. This means extra time on your precious night to do the things you really want to do (and we know they are not dishes).

Minimize the meal prep time and eating healthier is so much easier.

If you thought you would never be the one to make his own dressing salad or nuts from scratch, think again. Diet processor makes it easy to eat healthy and affordable foods. Since homemade food and snacks are often less expensive than their counterparts, your wallet – and your tastebuds – will see the difference.

Small electric Food Processors will help get you out of your cooking furrow.

Do you have five identical meals in exchange? We are all here. Let the electric Food Processor inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new, inspired recipes. The recipes on websites and online recipe guide provide a great place to start

Food processors make cooking and baking a lot easier. They can chop, slice and dice a variety of foods quickly and easily. They’re also great for making quick and easy meals or making larger quantities of foods like salad dressings or dips. They can be very versatile in the kitchen and can be used to make a variety of dishes.

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that can be used for many tasks in the kitchen, such as chopping vegetables or fruits, making doughs and batters, puréeing soup ingredients, etc. A food processor not only saves time but also makes preparing healthy meals much easier since you don’t need to use your hands for everything. There are four main reasons why you should get a food processor: 1) It reduces the amount of work you have to do in the kitchen; by cutting down on hand-chopping and preparation time it frees up more time to focus on other task.

Food processors are a kitchen essential AL-Fatah electronics offers complete range of autunitic branded food processors. They can be used to make quick and easy meals as well as to make more complex foods. They’re versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes.

Best Food Processor Online Price: 

Model Price
Philips HR7510/00 Viva Collection Compact Food Processor-White ₨27,999.00
Philips HR7320/00 Compact Food Processor-White ₨24,999.00
Philip HR2505/00 Onion Chef Chopper-White ₨14,999.00
Philips HR3745/11 Daily Mixer With Bowl-Deep Purple ₨11,999.00