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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Heater?

Electric Heater

An electric heater boats significant value as the winter approaches, acting as a source of comfort for individuals. The use is not only restricted to households – organizations are actively investing in it for manufacturing processes. Due to the associated advantages, studies show that more people opt for electric heaters than before. Be it heating ourselves amidst the unbearable environment or various articles, an electric heater is a way to go.

We should remember the drawbacks of using an electric heater, too.


Electric Heater

The three essential advantages of using an electric heater are:

  1. Easy Installation
  2. Safety
  3. Efficiency

Easy Installation

Unlike gas heaters requiring pipes and ducts, an electric heater must be plugged into the nearby socket for the job. The resistor behind the scene converts the electric energy into heat energy. A user manual can be referred to for those experiencing problems during the installation.


The second on the list is safety. The metal heating element means no carbon monoxide provision, creating a win-win situation. It is vital to ensure safety by monitoring the thermostats and avoiding use on high voltages. An electric heater is one of the safest ways of heating among peers.


Effectiveness comes next. A myth to avoid here is that electric heaters are fully efficient. Since power is required to operate them, a high-power rating signals higher electricity costs. However, zero carbon emissions mean electric heaters are environment-friendly. Using the appliance during off-peak hours is a smart move here.


Electric Heater

The three factors that contradict the use of such appliances are as follows:

  1. Covers a Small Space
  2. Electricity Costs
  3. Electric Hazards

Covers a Small Space

Electric heaters are specifically designed indoors and cover a small space. Such heaters are utilized as a supplemental source for more extensive space coverage. These lightweight appliances are suitable for a single room, though multiple small rooms may be covered if nearer.

Electricity Costs

The limited fossil fuels for power generation are a drawback. Global electricity prices are increasing and will continue to grow in forthcoming years. The average price per unit is higher than that of gas. In the long run, accumulating high variable costs creates a lose-lose situation.

Electric Hazards

It may come as a surprise to many that electric heaters can be hazardous too frequently. Variances in voltages and damaged cords may create fires. Such incidents have existed globally in recent times. It is also essential to dispose of an old electric heater and replace it with a new one. Maintaining a certain distance from the appliance and monitoring the thermostats are barriers to any unforeseeable situation.


We’ve come to a conclusion. An investment in a good-quality electric heater is worth it. We need to operate the appliance to suppress any hazardous activity wisely. The product can be easily purchased from retail channels, and it is essential to refer to customer recommendations, warranty claims, etc., for an intelligent purchase choice.