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How Do I Choose a Best Water Heater?

The existence of water is inevitable for domestic and commercial use. The water of high-temperature acts as a boon to the manufacturing process, whereas deep cleaning, is achievable by the product. This has escalated the global demand for water heaters – a source that provisions warmth to water and preserves for a period. Either way, a water heater holds vital importance in households, and the investment pays off in the long run.

Why a Water Heater?

Be it for a smooth bath in the winter or for eradicating bacteria from the flooring system, a water heater is a man’s best friend – it is scientifically proven that hot waters are the source of heat and impact the root of the cause.

Purchase Guide

Many types of water heaters exist, and an individual must make an informed purchase decision by carrying out a cost-and-benefit analysis.

Vented vs. Unvented Heaters

The first aspect to consider is whether unvented or vented heaters. Unvented heaters possess a hassle-free installation process and heat the water from the main supply. An example of this could be electric geysers. Unvented heaters cover multiple rooms like the kitchen, washing area, bathrooms, etc. They usually are placed away from the reach of children, and the traditional fuel sources are electricity and gas.

The latter is suitable for single-user bathrooms since the heater exists in the upper part of the bathroom itself. A vented heater is also typical above the sinks, where dishes must be treated effectively. Favoring single users, a vented heater is an energy-efficient way to heat and can be easily purchased from retail channels.

Types of Water Heaters

Storage and Instant are the two cardinal types globally used. It is essential to distinguish them to create utilitarianism.

As the name suggests, a large water tank is heated by an electric or gas source and are suited for professionals engrossed in hectic routine. The volume of water depends on various make-and-model brands. However, an individual may experience a rise in utility bills due to persistent use. Modern-day technology allows a storage water heater to be monitored via a technological gadget.

Instant water heater fulfills the on-time demand for heat. Favoring fewer volumes of water, the heater is suitable for domestic use in the kitchen or bathroom. It is an energy-efficient way of heating and takes much less space than its counterpart. It is important to remember that instant water heaters are more expensive than storage heaters, given the many benefits it carries with them.

Fuel Source

It is the fuel source that does the job behind the scene. It is critical to make an intelligent choice, keeping in mind the availability and the variable costs attached to it. That being said, the three familiar fuel sources for a water heater are:

  1. Electric
  2. Gas
  3. Solar

The availability of electricity everywhere creates a win-win situation. Electricity is compatible with various water heaters and requires less maintenance than its peers. However, a steady rise in global electricity prices might be a concern here.

The second on the list is gas. Gas is a pocket-friendly way to heat water, simultaneously impacting the environment. A significant agitation here is the unavailability of gas in winter since high demand exceeds supply. The burner heats the water, and it might take minutes to output.

Solar is yet another attractive source for heating water. The solar panels retain the sunlight energy and are passed on to the water heater via a conductor. The higher installation costs create a lose-lose situation. However, one can observe drastic changes in power bills. Solar is the most efficient, pocket-friendly, and environment-friendly source for heating water. The demand for solar energy will rise in the forthcoming years.

Best Time to Use

It is essential to use off-peak hours to cut down on variable costs. Also, plugging off the water heater at night saves bucks, which could be invested in some other productive work.


We reach an end here. A water heater holds significance in households and creates satisfaction. Good-quality products can be easily purchased from various retail channels. However, it is essential to buy based on needs, customer recommendations, warranty claims, etc.

Models Prices
Hanco 7 Litre Instant Water Heater 7G4 Blue Bubble 13,499.00
Canon Electric Geyser CA 40LY Metal Body 30,000.00
Nasgas SEM 200 Electric Geyser 17,650.00
Super Asia GH-506 Water Heater 13,400.00
Waves Electric & Gas Geyser WWHAI-30E Golden 38,600.00




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