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How to Improve Your Air Cooler Efficiency in 2022!

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The air coolers are must-have appliances in every home. And, the scorching summer makes this difficult for a person to even survive. Then, in such a condition all you require is an air cooler that cools your room and makes your room temperature tolerable. Every person is in search of an air cooler in summer. And this is the time when the market is full of several kinds of air coolers. So, this becomes quite challenging to discover the best air cooler. But before purchasing one, you have to understand how you could increase the efficiency of an air cooler. Below are a few points you should follow to make sure that the cooling efficiency of your air cooler could remain maximum.

  • Ensure that the used grass in the air cooler is new and fresh. Plus, the old grasses could wither by time and therefore prove to be ineffective.
  • Also, make sure that the motor of your cooler is of high quality. A local quality motor would affect the mechanism and could retire soon.
  • Do ensure that the water level in the tank of an air cooler is adequately above the motor; otherwise, the motor could be weakened and at some point, might stop working.
  • Regularly check that the cooler is kept outside the room with its vent facing the room. Also, give attention to the proper ventilation in the room as well. This would make your room more relaxed and your air cooler more hard-wearing.

Best Room Cooler Price in Pakistan:

INDUS Room Cooler IM-2500 AC ₨21,500.00
Super Asia JC-777 Room Cooler Plus ₨20,300.00
Inspire INS-400 Room Cooler ₨9,000.00
Inspire INS-5000 Room Cooler ₨14,400.00
Inspire INS-4000 Room Cooler ₨12,000.00


Hopefully, you might have understood all points regarding the topic, how to improve your air cooler efficiency. One more point. Ittefaq Electronics (empowered by Connect Solutions) has been selling standard air coolers for a long time. If you desire to examine the price and other attributes of air coolers on a reliable store, do visit Ittefaq Electronics. There are high-level chances that you might acquire the air cooler of your needs. So, that’s all for our reader today. Also, keep on visiting our blog for more useful or effective pieces.

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