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Avoid 5 Things to Save Your Food Processor from Easy Breakage

Food Processor

The food processor is mostly considered the same appliance as a blender. But actually, these two appliances have various sizes and segments. But the blades of a food processor are different from the blades of a blender. This could be stated that food processors are modern versions of pestles and mortars that allow very quick blending or crushing of food articles. Plus, the application of a food processor quickly dulls the blades if the machine is used without proper maintenance. So, to stop or postpone this dulling, ensure you avoid the following five things:

  1. Not pressing the pulse button:

    Pulse is a button that disturbs the outcome of the chop. So, you need to press this button when you’re mincing food with a food processor, specifically when you’re processing food involving a hard article such as nuts. You merely have to press the pulse button multiple times until you acquire the required result.

  2. Extremely large ingredients:

    A food processor could grind different foods such as meats and nuts, but that doesn’t mean you can add everything in this appliance without considering the food size. And, the size of a food processor, that is smaller than that of a blender, has limited capacity. This would be perfect if you cut your food ingredients into small sizes first for providing some relaxation to a food processor’s cutting blades.

  3. Too much use:

    Aside from the small size, the power of a food processor is also not as long as a blender. Therefore, the continuous use of the processor potentially damages it for a long period. This is better if you first employ a food processor for food ingredients that are difficult to grind with a pestle and mortar. Then, you should cool down the machine before chopping further ingredients.

  4. Using food ingredients mixed with water:

    Another recurrent mistake is crushing food ingredients, that are mixed with water, through the food processor. In this way, instead of attaining the best chopped outcome, these ingredients, which are inside the food processor, overflow. If such ingredients require water, use a chopper or blender for chopping or blending them properly.

  5. Use of hot ingredients:

    In the end, don’t put hot ingredients in the food processor directly. Because the hot temperature of the ingredients dampens the blades. Moreover, the oil content of your added food interferes with the container potentially and makes it difficult to be cleaned. And, when this happens, you might need to buy a new food processor.

What are the best brands that are popular sellers of food processors in Pakistan?

We examined a lot of companies online that are popular sellers of food processors in Pakistan. Well, our chosen processors have reliable prices or costs. So, we found the following brands as the most successful sellers of these kitchen machines:


Kenwood is a trustworthy and developing brand of Pakistan that sells different types of home products, and these items are refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and kitchen appliances, etc.

When we analysed the food processors of Kenwood online, we found some noticeable points. Several food processors of this brand are highly durable, easy to use, & easy to be cleaned. Plus, these are reliable for effective cutting and mixing of onions, meat, garlic, and beans, etc.

West Point:

West Point has been operating in Pakistan for more than two decades as a firm of home appliances successfully. And, the brand provides you with devices that cover a consumer’s home life completely whether you talk about the bedroom, living room, kitchen area, or any room.

When we analysed the food processors of West Point online, we found some remarkable points. So, multiple food processors of this brand are extremely durable, easy to use, & easy to be cleaned. And, these appliances are effectively used for cutting and blending various food ingredients.


Hopefully, you have understood things that you should avoid to save your food processor from easy breakage. Hmm, only one point is left now. Ittefaq Says sells standard food processors and is doing business for a long period. So, you might check its website and examine the price and other characteristics of several relevant items there. It might be that you could find the item of your needs on the site. Hmm, that’s all from our side but not from yours. If you truly like what we shared with you today, do comment below and share our piece with your dear ones so that they could be assisted in buying related standard products.