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Benefits of Floor Standing Air Conditioning System

Floor standing air conditioning

Well, science & technology offered easiness & handiness to human beings in each and every facet. And, the rage of the summer has also shaped a call for such tools that could grant some reprieve to the individuals. The burning rays of the sun & the hot conditions of the sunny season could aggravate any human in the world. So, the current scenarios formed a budding demand for such gadgets that could be a spring of relief in these boiling conditions. Well, air conditioners are those ideal appliances that gave a stop to the uneasiness of people in summer. Some years back, such household appliances used to be expensive commodities, but these became a dire need for people in the topical times.

Also, the tower air conditioners or ACs are the freshest evolution in the air cooling segment. These climatic control devices are also known as floor mounted air conditioners and are getting the total buzz for the reason that these offer high utilities. Plus, these tower air cooling systems offered a huge relief to the public in the sunny season. Below are some benefits of installing tower air conditioners that might induce you why these electrical devices are the unsurpassed choice for homes and offices.

High cooling capability:

The chief lead of these tower air conditioners is that these have a very high cooling potential. On a comparative extent, such cooling equipment supplies more cooling than inverter/non-inverter window and split ACs. Also, these climatic control gadgets adjust the temperature of your room or hall and make this painless for you to counter the antagonism of summer.

Easy installation and portability:

Another great thing about tower air conditioners is that these are transportable and could be easily moved from one site to a new one. These appliances could be effortlessly set up with bare minimum labour with the help of a specialist.

Low sound:

A good thing about tower air conditioners is that these appliances don’t make any kind of irksome noise as compared to window air conditioners.


The tower air conditioners prove to be highly price-effective as these appliances are not as expensive as compared to other cooling gadgets. In addition, these gadgets are energy-efficient and bank a lot of energy, eventually saving the electricity bills for citizens.

Outdoor units:

The floor standing air conditioning systems could also be used as outdoor cooling units during your outdoor activities.


One more good thing about these floor stand type air conditioners is that these are energy-efficient. These appliances employ less power and provide better cooling.

Best Floor Standing Air Conditioning Price

Ecostar EF-24IB01W 2.0-Ton 24000 BTU Floor Standing Inverter Air Conditioner ₨169,000.00
Orient 24G 2.0-Ton Premier Inverter Floor Standing Cabinet Air Conditioner ₨161,538.00
Orient Ultimate 48G 4.0-Ton Silk White Heat & Cool Floor Standing Air Conditioner ₨190,513.00
Orient Ultimate 24G 2.0-Ton DC Inverter Floor Standing heat&Cool Air Conditioner ₨140,171.00
Orient Orbit 24G 2.0-Ton 24000 BTU Silk White Floor Standing Air Conditioner ₨113,162.00


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