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Your Guide for Purchasing the Best Automatic Washing Machine 2021

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In today’s fast life, electronic appliances have become an integral part of urban life in Pakistan. To take care of the household chore, people now look for appliances that could make their work easy. One of the toughest household tasks is doing the laundry but doing it manually could be time-consuming as well as less efficient too. But if you wish to get clean clothes in less time, a washing machine is the best solution, and especially an automatic one. And, our article of automatic washing machines will give you detailed info so that you could choose the best machine that could meet your needs.

By the way, what is a fully automatic washing machine, and how could you use such machines?

A fully automatic washing machine is that washes clothes and dries them automatically. All the functions of this washer are done on an automatic basis from cleaning to drying the garments. In the case of fully automatic washing machines, all you need to do is simply connect the machine to a water source, add the detergent & laundry, and set the wash cycle as per your necessity.

Best Brands of Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan

How could you select the best automatic washing machine?

Everyone notes various factors before making up their mind to purchase an automatic washing machine. Mostly, people spend a lot of time searching for the best automatic washing machine on the internet. In this article, we’ll be sharing information on some of the most common kinds of automatic washing machines. Below are some basic features you should look for in an automatic washing machine before buying it.

1.      Capacity of a washing machine:

The capacity of an automatic washing machine that you pick depends on several factors. One of the most vital things is the number of members of your family. If you’re in a small or moderate family, a machine of 6.5kg would be sufficient for your laundry needs. However, if you have a large family, you would certainly require a washing machine with higher capacity. Another considerable thing while choosing the capacity of an automatic washing machine is the frequency of laundry. If you choose to do the laundry for a small family, a 6.5kg machine would be adequate. For medium to large families doing the laundry on a regular basis, you would need a washing machine with 7 to 8.5kg.

2.      Type of machinery:

There are mainly two kinds of available machinery. The first one is a fully automatic washing machine, and the latter is a semi-automatic washing machine.

3.      Number of wash programs:

The number of wash programs is another noteworthy thing that one should consider while buying an automatic washing machine. The convenience of a user depends on the number of these programs. A lot of wash programs also indicate that the machine comes with highly effective functions for washing different types of fabrics.

4.      Other things to look for:

The other things, which you should look for in an automatic washing machine, are the features of energy efficiency, detergent case, inbuilt water heater, auto-error detection, and digital display for the wash cycle period.

What are some of the most famous brands that sell automatic washing machines?

Samsung and its automatic washers:

Samsung or a South Korean company is one of the core manufacturers of electronic devices in the world. Plus, Samsung is an adept in the manufacture of diversified consumer and industry electronics that involve semiconductors, electronic appliances, integrated systems, memory chips, and digital media devices.

According to our review, Samsung automatic washers are regarded as high quality machines in the market. For example, these high efficiency products have a high number of custom cycles and adaptable settings that explain the brand’s history in high-tech designs.

Haier and its automatic washing machines:

Well, Haier Group Corporation (Haier) is a Chinese global home appliances and user electronics company, and this is based in Qingdao, Shandong; plus, this company has been serving its clients with its products for many decades satisfactorily.

And, regarding the automatic washing machines of Haier, we have remarkable info to share with you. These machines have enough load capacity, highly easy to use nature, and long-term warranty, etc.

Dawlance and its automatic washers:

Dawlance is a household appliances brand of Pakistan that is a subsidiary of a Turkish firm called Arçelik. This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Founded in 1980, the organization was obtained by Istanbul-based Arçelik in the year, 2016. Besides, Dawlance has been serving its clients for several decades credibly.

And, after examining the automatic washing machines of Dawlance, we found multiple plus points. These devices are reliable for having sufficient load capacity, cost-effective nature, energy efficiency, and durable framework, etc.

So, that’s all what we wanted to share with you regarding the guide for purchasing the best automatic washing machine. And, if you want to analyze the price and other features of such machines online, you could do that by visiting Ittefaq Say website. Well, it might be you find a standard product for your household use. That store has automatic washing machines of famous brands such as Dawlance, Haier, and Samsung, etc. Plus, if you like what we shared today, do comment below and share our piece with your loved ones to help them purchase quality appliances for their homes.