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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Geyser for your Home


The winter is arriving soon, and you definitely desire to cover up yourself with a lot of winter items such as your jacket, muffler, blanket, and last but not the least your warm clothes. We are here to help you purchase a highly reliable geyser/water heater for your home through some tips so that you could use hot water for all of your aquatic activities.

What are the main types of a geyser?

There are many kinds of a geyser, but the most prominent ones are:

Electric geysers:

Electric geysers are those appliances that operate on electricity. These appliances could warm water rapidly without investing much time. The electric geysers have other names as well, so these devices are also called instant water heaters or tankless water heaters. And, the best part of an electric heater is that it provides warm water pretty fast.

Plus, the tankless water heaters or geysers are appliances that are easy to use and provide much convenience because these appliances can supply the areas of your kitchen and washroom with the limitless hot water. Besides, the geysers are small, and these machines don’t require large spaces for being fitted somewhere. However, these devices are expensive as compared to tank geysers and need more power supply than tank water heaters.

Storage geysers:

Storage geysers or tank geysers are those machines that are manufactured with the feature of in-built insulated water tanks. Plus, storage geysers have different storage volumes such as six litres or more than six litres. These devices are the most recognized type of geysers that first need the supply of water and then warm that water at a high temperature. And, the large capacity tanks use more space; therefore, the geysers which contain those tanks are not reasonable for little washrooms.

Gas geysers:

The gas geysers are those appliances that warm water through LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and propane gas, and these appliances are also energy efficient. Well, to provide easy supply through gas pipelines, it’s essential that you place a gas geyser next to the gas chamber of LPG. And, this kind of geysers is purchasable for workplaces and familial houses. One more interesting info. The gas geysers heat up water more quickly than electric water heaters. And, it’s somewhat difficult to install a gas geyser anywhere because you require big space and different aspects, for example, a distinct connection of gas that could be used for this geyser only.

Solar geysers:

Solar geysers consume solar energy for operating. You have to use some heavy budget and a large area for using these devices, and these are very costly and advanced geysers. Well, you require to place the solar geyser on the roof of your house for sufficiently exposing it to the sun.

What are the tips for choosing the right geyser for your home?

There are many tips that you could implement for selecting the right geyser for your house. These are:

Assessment of family size & space:

If you are unmarried or just you and your spouse require warm water, you should buy an instant geyser. The instant geysers don’t have in-built storage space and so provide warm water quickly. In most cases, these geysers have the capacity of 1 to 3 liters. Well, instant geysers are ideal choices for little washrooms, kitchens, and families. Besides, these appliances can be effectively placed within smaller areas as well. Generally, you don’t need much warm water in a kitchen as compared to the needs of hot water within a washroom. For example, you could wash your pots and clean your kitchen floor with less warm water effectively.

And, if you live within a house where the number of your family members is high, you should purchase storage geysers. Then, the storage geysers have the capacity to store 6 to 50 litres of water effectively. One more interesting point. An ideal water heater comes with the storage capacity of 15 to 25 litres so that the needs of hot water for a big family could be fulfilled successfully.

A wide range of design preferences:

Another considerable point for choosing the right geyser for your house is a wide range of design preferences. The purchasers of the modern age are educated, and they like to plan things before taking any action. And, they search such products while purchasing household appliances that solve their problems effectively and cover their spaces elegantly. The same case is of geysers, and the buyers demand that the appearance of these products could match the design and style of their kitchens and bathrooms. In today’s age, the brands of geysers are trying their best efforts to attract their clients by creating perfectly planned geysers that have desirable sizes, charming appearances, and high efficiency.

Searching for energy consumption:

A five-star rating geyser or water heater utilizes less power for warming water, so you acquire low electricity bills. Therefore, you should always install a high-rated water heater within your home so that you could decrease your monthly electricity bills. But you have to be careful while buying geysers with a higher star rating because these are usually highly expensive, so you must select the right water heater for your home.

Longevity of geyser parts:

Well, it’s recommended by the experts that you must always investigate the inner space of a geyser before purchasing it and never choose the appliance based on its appearance and design. Therefore, buy a geyser based on its chances of running for a long period, so the internal part of this appliance must also be accessible and replaceable. For example, the life of an instant geyser is almost 20 years as compared to the 10 to 12-year-old life of a storage water heater.

Looking for prominent features:

A proficient geyser always has the following prominent features:

  • It has adjustable indoor regulator settings.
  • It has a safety valve for the pressure discharge.
  • It has a glass-covered warming component.
  • It has an automatic warm cut-out option.
  • Its external body is resistant to rust.

Hmm, the automatic warm cut-out option is highly useful because it not only reduces the chances of the short circuit but also saves electric energy. Moreover, this option also prevents geysers from burning out and taking lives. And, the well-being valve is organized in such a way so that the pressure could be controlled spontaneously.


You should also consider the aspect of warranty while purchasing a geyser. Well, every brand offers a different period of warranty. But no credible brand can be available in the market that doesn’t offer guarantee for its geysers. Therefore, always check the warranty card and its period before buying a geyser, and bear in mind to keep the card in a safe place.

What are the best companies that sell quality geysers for homes?

We looked for several companies that sell standard geysers online and found the following brands as most effective for you:


North Appliances Services Private Limited (NasGas) is a company of household appliances that has been selling various kinds of home products to Pakistani citizens since 1952. Regarding the instant geysers of NasGas, we noted that many such geysers have high heating capacity, are energy-efficient devices, have sturdy nature, and have rust-free (coated) outer bodies.


Inspire is a Pakistani brand of home appliances that has been working effectively for a long time on a local level. We analysed its dual type of geysers, electric & gas geysers, and concluded that many of these devices are rust-proof, energy-efficient, and durable. These appliances have large storage capacity for users as well.


Indus Group of Industries is an international firm of Pakistan that has been selling various household appliances to its customers for many decades reliably. Well, when we analyzed its gas geysers, we found that these appliances are energy-efficient, have high storage capacity, and are elegant as well.

So, we hope that you might have understood all points regarding tips for choosing the right geyser for a house in Pakistan. Besides, Ittefaq Electronics has been selling standard geysers to its clients for a long time. Hmm, if you want to analyze the price and other details of water heaters/geysers related to various brands on a dependable online store, do visit Ittefaq Electronics website. There are high chances that you get the product of your requirements. Well, that’s all from our side; also, keep on viewing our blog for fresh and useful pieces.