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How to Pick a Gas Heater

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Nobody desires to feel stuck for having insufficient heat during cold nights of winter.

When you heat your home through a gas heater, you have reliable warmth that you get through an energy-efficient, instant, and controllable appliance. Whether you’re planning to upgrade or install a new appliance, we put together a summary of what you have to know regarding gas heaters.
Matter of size:

How much space do you have to heat? A heater’s warming capacity refers to both the room size and how fast the space could be heated.

And, a general rule of thumb is that 1 kWh output of a gas heater approximately heats 10 square meters; however, this could differ depending on ceiling height, window kind, insulation, sunlight, and heater size.

Cold and flue:

The flue is a pipe that lets exhausted gases discharged from your heater to outer spaces. Plus, space heaters, wall furnaces, decorative log heaters, and ducted heater systems are all flued systems.

A gas heater comes in all types of shapes and sizes, and this is the heater of choice for renters or owners who don’t desire the trouble of a complicated installation process. And, a licensed gas fitter could simply swap over the gas access from the old route to the new one.

Besides, space heaters heat spaces by using convection or air movement. Along with the gas burner, these appliances have a fan to help distribute the heat more uniformly throughout the space. Some space heaters employ both convection and radiant heat; besides, the appliances heat the person standing in front of them and push the heat to the remaining of your space with a fan.

Also, space heaters could come with a range of attributes such as timers, remote controls, and child locks. These devices should not be applied in small rooms or rooms where people sleep; however, these machines are entirely secure if you provide suitable ventilation.

A gas fireplace could be inbuilt, freestanding, or inserted into an existing fireplace opening. Well, like space heaters, gas log fires could come with a variety of significant characteristics like timers, remote controls, child locks, multi-speed fans, double glazing, and mesh security guards.

Although wall furnaces are small and discreet, these appliances could easily heat large rooms. And, this attribute makes them perfect for open plan living areas. Moreover, these machines heat spaces more effectively than space heaters and are cheaper than ducted heating systems.

If you have to replace an old wall furnace, its design lets you fit that into existing openings (and possibly even apply the same plumbed in gas supply).

Ducted heating systems:

A ducted or central heating system comprises a gas furnace and ducting vents of the rooms you desire to heat; also, gas furnaces are generally installed in outside places or under your floors.

Many people choose ducted heating for their new homes. And, the reason is this heating allows the whole house to be heated with discreet ducts that are installed for each room. Well, a ducted system has large upfront costs, and its discreet ducts are highly energy and cost efficient.

Heater service and testing:

To be sure that your gas heater is secure, you should have your gas appliances serviced and tested for carbon monoxide in at least two years consecutively.

Depending on the kind of a heater, the gas fitter completes the following steps to provide its service to your heater:

  • Remove all heater panels for cleaning the internal sides of your gas fitter.
  • Clean the fan of your heater and make sure that its spins have no obstructions.
  • Inspect the visible parts of the heat exchanger for checking its cracks or demerits.
  • Test your gas fitter for flame failure protection.
  • Examine flue for knowing the exact cowl, flue condition, and heater installation.
  • Carry out a carbon monoxide test.

If your gas heater is serviced and maintained on a regular basis, the appliance is completely secure. This is best to involve a test and service for a gas heater in every consecutive two years as parts of your quality house maintenance.

What are the best firms that are popular sellers of gas heaters in Pakistan?

We examined a lot of brands on the internet that are famous sellers of gas heaters in Pakistan. And, we found the following company as a credible seller of such heaters:

NasGas and its gas heaters:

North Appliances Services Private Limited or NasGas is a brand of household appliances that was originated in 1952 in Pakistan. The brand has been reliably selling home appliances to its customers for several decades. When we examined several gas heaters of NasGas, we concluded some remarkable points. These appliances have high durability, decent product designs, auto-ignition feature, and cost-effective nature, etc.


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