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A DC Inverter Air Conditioner’s Heat Mode Benefits

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Hmm, winter has arrived, and all we could think about is the temperature of our home in this weather. Well, inverter air conditioners or ACs are the best appliances when the case is about energy consumption because these are highly energy efficient as compared to other heating appliances of your house. Besides, DC inverter air conditioners are designed to operate perfectly fine in both summer and winter.

How does the heat mode of an inverter AC work?

Unlike other heating appliances, air conditioners don’t have heaters. The inverter technology is designed to work with the compressor’s functioning and allows this compressor to reach the desired temperature. Plus, inverter air conditioners work with a refrigerant that has a gas inside the coils of the AC. This gas compresses and expands and allows either heating or cooling of the air that passes through the coils.

A heat pump also works in the same manner and takes the hot air from outside and pushes it through the heated coils of an inverter AC. This process helps disperse the warmth within the air and makes your surrounding air hot. Basically, the process is the reverse engineering of the cooling cycle for the air conditioner. And, the reason why the heating process employs less amount of electricity is that the AC is not using energy to generate heat but to move this from the outer side to the inner side and heats it along the way.

Considerable factors for choosing a DC inverter AC:

There are a couple of factors you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for a DC inverter air conditioner. These are:

  • Area of your room
  • Height of your ceiling
  • Energy efficiency rating or EER of an air conditioner
  • Insulation of a room

Such cooling devices have remarkable energy efficiency technology that saves you a lot of money for your electricity bills. After doing a little bit of research and considering the things mentioned above, you could attain the right air conditioner for your house.

Advantages of a DC inverter’s heating mode:

DC inverter air conditioners have a lot of advantages that include energy-saving as well. Some of them are:

  • Inverter air conditioners are cost-effective ways of heating in comparison to other heating appliances.
  • Such air conditioners offer clean and secure heating without the risk of suffocation and hazardous gases.
  • You could control inverter air conditioners by using the remote-control system and even program them in accordance with your daily routine.
  • There is no ash and dust within the heating process.
  • You don’t have to assign additional space within your home for an extra heating appliance.
  • Inverter ACs could start heating with a simple push of a button. And, you don’t have to heat the furnace for getting heat.
  • Such air conditioners don’t prove to be additional weight for your monthly electricity bills.

What are the best companies that are popular sellers of DC inverter ACs in Pakistan?

We analysed a lot of brands on the internet that are famous sellers of DC inverter ACs in Pakistan. And, we found the following companies as highly credible sellers of such ACs:

Haier DC inverter air conditioners:

Haier Group Corporation or Haier is an international household appliances company of China that is located in Shandong; plus, this company has been serving its clients for a lot of decades reliably.

And, regarding the review of Haier DC inverter AC, we have something to share with you. The inverter ACs of this brand have remarkable performance and come with many notable features such as long-term warranty and elegant designs.

Dawlance inverter air conditioners:

Dawlance is a home appliances brand of Pakistan that is the division of a Turkish company, Arçelik. This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan. And the firm which was founded in 1980 was taken over by Arçelik in the year of 2016. Well, Dawlance has been working for many decades credibly.

Then, we reviewed the DC inverter AC of Dawlance and concluded that these appliances offer great value for money when we consider all remarkable features these ACs come with. For example, these devices have long warranty and insurance included in their respective packages.


We hope that you might have understood everything regarding the benefits of a DC inverter air conditioner. Now, only one point is left for our reader. Well, Ittefaq Say (empowered by Connect Solutions) sells quality DC inverter ACs, and this store has been doing business for a long duration. You might check its website and examine several choices there. There are high chances that you could find the item of your needs. Now, one more thing. If you actually appreciate our efforts, do comment below and share our piece with your loved ones so that they could buy a quality DC inverter air conditioner for their houses.


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