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Which Type of Cooking Range Is Right For Your Home?

Cooking Range

Most kitchens have at least one range as the focal point of their cooking areas. The stove and oven are two essential parts of any cooking, combined in one convenient piece of equipment called a range. The two appliances may be purchased separately, but there are advantages to purchasing them together. Buying a range may save you money and hassle since you just need to install it once instead of two separate appliances.

A cooking range is an appliance used for cooking food. There are three types of cooking ranges: gas, electric, and stove top. Cooking range price in Pakistan depends upon the technology used in it. Gas cooking ranges have a small cost, while those with electric technology are quite cheap compared to stove top ranges.


Types of Ranges

When deciding on a range for your house, the primary factors are how it will look in your kitchen and what fuel it will use.

1: Fuel Type

There are three different fuel types to choose from, but if your kitchen doesn’t have a gas connection, your choices will be more restricted. There are many cooking ranges which are quite popular. Some of these have been around for a long time and have gained popularity. However, if you’re looking for the best cooking range in Pakistan for your kitchen, you might find it difficult to choose since there are many cooking ranges. Here I will tell you about the top cooking range types in Pakistan, where you can find those that make cooking easier and faster than others.

Gas Range

The gas range is the most frequent in homes. It’s a must-have for home cooking. Gas ranges provide characteristics that make cooking more fun. So, check out our information on gas cooking range size. Gas ranges are favored by many professionals because of the increased control they provide over the cooking process compared to their electronic counterparts. Gas stoves allow for instantaneous stove adjustment. The flame on a gas cook top provides a consistently visible indication of the burner’s temperature.

When comparing energy sources, gas comes out on top. If you don’t already have a gas connection in the kitchen, you should spend a lot more on getting your gas range up; however, you can save on your monthly energy expenses by opting for a gas range.


  • It uses exact heat to cook.
  • Quickly adjust the temperature to your liking.
  • Promptly warms and then cools off again.
  • The energy consumption is reduced.


Dual Fuel Range

A dual fuel range provides the control of a gas stove and the uniform baking of an electric oven. Consumers who do a lot of cooking and baking and are picky about their cooking experience may find the difference to be worth the expense, but they will normally cost you more than one fuel type.


  • Authentic cooking is easier with a gas stove.
  • Even baking is easier with an electric stove.


Electric Range

Many people choose electric ranges because of the convenience and simplicity of their smooth top stoves compared to the complexity of gas stove tops, which necessitates taking them apart and cleaning each component. It’s simpler and cheaper to set up an electric range in a kitchen than a gas one if you don’t have a gas connection.

Cook tops for electric ranges may be either smooth or include coil elements. Electric ranges with smooth top stoves are often costly, whereas coil stove tops are among the most reasonably priced alternatives. While many chefs prefer gas ovens for accuracy, bakers know that electric ovens provide more consistent heat and better results.


  • A better choice for the oven.
  • Appliances with a coil cook top may be purchased at a low cost.
  • In addition to being a breeze to wipe off, many modern smooth top designs also have convenient extras.


2: Design Type

You will need to work out how your oven will fit into the area that has been designated for it, in addition to selecting the sort of fuel that will be used in it.

Freestanding Range

When it comes to installation, the least difficult choice is a freestanding range. You are free to install them in any part of your kitchen that has a gas and electricity connection. As a result of having completed sides and a flat back, in addition to having defined dimensions, they should be able to fit into any conventional range area. They normally have a backyard attached to them, shielding your wall from debris or heat and where the oven controls are typically located. The cooking range with oven design is the least expensive and the easiest to use.


Slide-in Range

A slide-in range appears as though it is built in and custom-made for the kitchen. Still, it is much easier to install than that because you can simply slide them into the available spot in your kitchen rather than building them yourself. They often do not have a backyard, and the controls are placed towards the front of the range, giving them a smoother and more streamlined overall appearance. They are also broader on top, ensuring no gap is left between the range top and the counter and that no crumbs or drips will be able to pass through.


Drop-in Range

Drop-in cooking ranges play a significant role in providing a safe cooking environment for your family. You need to understand the different types of drop-in cooking ranges and cooking range price. This guide will help determine whether a drop-in range is right for you. A drop-in range is similar to a sliding range in that it has unfinished sides and a sufficiently broad top to guarantee no gap between the range and the counter. A drop-in range, as opposed to a slide-in range, is put on top of a cabinet baseboard rather than coming into contact with the floor at any point during the installation process. It makes the range seem more built-in, but it is more difficult to install since it often needs cabinets created specifically for it. Because drop-in ranges aren’t as common as they used to be, fewer models are available for purchase cooking range in Pakistan.


Wall Oven

A wall oven is only an oven and does not include a stove. A person who wants more freedom in their kitchen design may get a wall oven in addition to a cook top and then position them anywhere in the kitchen that makes the most sense. This will often cost more than purchasing a singer cooking range that combines the two appliances into a single unit. Still, it will ultimately free up more storage space in the kitchen and may provide you with increased convenience while cooking food.


Final Thoughts

When you combine two significant home appliances into one, as you can see, the considerations that need to be made tend to become more involved. The expense of a range may quickly add up, but investing in a quality appliance can pay off by making your kitchen more functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Think about what you need, what you desire, and how you want to use your stove or oven in the coming years. Considering the significant function that a range serves in the ordinary house, it will be worthwhile for you to invest in a field that precisely meets your needs.

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