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Which Is Better for Your Kitchen: Air Fryer or Deep Fryer?

Which Is Better for Your Kitchen: Air Fryer or Deep Fryer?


Home cooks and food enthusiasts have been debating the pros and cons of air fryers versus deep fryers for some time now. Each appliance has its advantages and disadvantages, and the decision between them ultimately depends on your preferred cooking method, dietary choices, and the specific dishes you enjoy making. If you’re in the market for these appliances, ‘Ittefaq say’ offers a variety of air fryers and deep fryers in affordable ranges. In this article, we’ll delve into the main differences between air fryers and deep fryers to help you make an informed choice for your kitchen.

Air Fryer VS. Deep Fryer: Size

It’s important to consider the size when adding a deep fryer or air fryer to your kitchen. These appliances are typically larger than, for example, a stand mixer, so space constraints are something to keep in mind.

Unless you’re investing in a device versatile enough to reside on your countertop permanently (which we’ll discuss in the versatility section below), the first factor to consider is the available storage space in your pantry or kitchen. In my experience, home-use deep fryers typically have a smaller footprint compared to many of the air fryers you’ll find on store shelves, making them somewhat easier to store.

Health Impact Of Air Fryer Vs. Deep Fryer

In the air fryer vs. deep fryer comparison, the health benefits consistently favor the air fryer. It can reduce calories by up to 70–80% and contains significantly less fat.

To put it in perspective, air frying a family-sized batch of sweet potato fries only requires two tablespoons of oil, while deep frying the same quantity would necessitate many cups of oil. An air fryer uses a “super-convection” system of hot air circulation to cook food, while a deep fryer relies on heated oil. This means you can achieve crispy results without the excess fat and oil, even for something as simple as chicken nuggets. In fact, when air-frying items like chicken wings, we often don’t even add extra oil, relying on the food’s natural fats for crispiness.

Taste Of An Air Fryer Vs. Deep Fryer

Taste is, of course, a subjective matter. This is perhaps the most subjective aspect of the air fryer vs. deep fryer comparison. In my experience, if you’re a fan of traditional French fries, it’s hard for an air fryer to compete with a deep fryer. I’ve used both, and while an air fryer can produce incredibly crispy French fries, that’s where the deep fryer’s advantage shines. However, for other foods like wings, crunchy chickpeas, and fries made from root vegetables such as parsnip, sweet potato, and beetroot, I prefer the air fryer.


The choice between deep fryers and air fryers depends on your unique culinary needs and dietary preferences. It’s challenging to declare one as more versatile than the other. It’s about determining which appliance complements your cooking style and the dishes you enjoy preparing. If you’re in the market for these appliances, you can buy air fryers and deep fryers online from ‘Ittefaq say.’ Ultimately, your kitchen’s versatility comes down to personal taste, and both air fryers and deep fryers can be valuable additions to your kitchen equipment.