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Planning to Buy a Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

The availability of fresh water is a boon for us. Not only does this fulfil our essential requirement for survival, but it is also associated with innumerable health benefits. The advent of water dispensers took place to bridge the gap between purified water and the consumer. The health-centric approach is the Unique Selling Point (USP) for the product; employees tend to increase productivity and aid the organization’s scalability. However, it has been noticed that individuals need to be clarified about their needs and mess up the purchase. We have gathered here to discuss the same.

Water Dispenser Buying Guide

The following list demonstrates the buying guide for the product.

  1. Type of Water Dispenser
  2. Capacity
  3. Requirement
  4. Noise
  5. Maintenance
  6. Extra Features
  7. Budget

Type of Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser The two leading market players are bottled and bottle-less dispensers. As the name infers, the former requires frequent replacement of water bottles from the top and is suited for small families. In addition to this, a business that has a small team can consider a bottled water dispenser. On the contrary, the bottle-less system is operated via a connection with the main water line, ensuring an uninterrupted water supply to a large audience. Thanks to modern-day technology, Reverse Osmosis (RO) increases the probability of hygienic water.


The capacity is dependent upon the usage per day. Again, small households can consider the bottled dispensers for a limited supply and replace them upon the need. As for a large audience like corporates, an endless water supply with a storage area would be your best bet. As far as the space is concerned, accurate measurements in terms of length, breadth, and height of the product location are a must.


The requirement is yet another area that must be addressed. The condition is calculated by average use, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Besides this, if you specifically need hot water for an instant coffee or cold water for an instant fresh juice, the make-and-models should be purchased accordingly. Thankfully, contemporary products have hot, moderate, and cold features under the same roof.


Noise pollution is a significant concern showcased by machines; the noise levels must be carefully examined before finalizing a deal. Doing so ensures that the employees are not perturbed in the workplace, and new idea generation aids the organization’s scalability. From an individual’s perspective, the little-to-no sound creates a cheerful ambiance and maintains a friendly atmosphere in the household.


The fifth on the list is maintenance. Maintenance must be carried out at least a month, and the figure might aver due to variances in usage. We must purchase the dispenser with a proper drainage system and good built-in quality to avoid frequent maintenance. This is achieved via a routinization of different brands in the market.

Extra Features

Everyone likes innovation; add-on features like LED display, child-lock, and innovative connectivity enhance the product’s value. LED display of the ongoing mechanism informs the user via an elegant reading, child-lock protects from misuse by small children, and intelligent connectivity gives you the freedom to operate on the go.


Budget is the factor that creates or bridges the gap between the consumer and the product; it is essential to not account for the purchase cost itself but the associated overhead costs too. A cost-and-benefit analysis of various products put you at an advantage.


Here we come to an end. A good-quality water dispenser can be easily purchased from multiple retail channels. However, finding a reliable dealer with warranty claims, after-sales service, etc. is crucial.

Models Prices
Dawlance WD 1060 W/O REF 29,900.00
Orient Icon 3 Taps Beige Water Dispenser 29,800.00
Haier HWD-206R New Water Dispenser White 28,800.00
EcoStar WD-450F Water Dispenser 16 Ltrs 27,900.00
PEL 425 Water Dispenser Purple Blaze 28,900.00
Homage 49332 Water Dispencer Black 28,300.00
Canon CA-100 Water Dispenser 24,190.00


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