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Mixer Grinder Problems and their Solutions

Mixer grinders are without a doubt, the single most crucial device that can be found in a contemporary kitchen, and it is indisputable that they come with a high price tag. After using it for a few months, you could run into specific typical mixer grinder difficulties. Rather than mending it, most customers end up replacing the whole mixer grinder rather than attempting to fix it.

Because of this, we decided to write this post to provide in-depth information on the common mixer grinder difficulties and the solutions to those problems.

6 Common Mixer Grinder Related Problems:

1: Consuming more Time in the Grinding Process

One of the most typical issues with the masala mixer grinder is that the blades take an interminable amount of time to grind the ingredients. It works in opposition to one of the primary functions of the mixer grinder, which is to grind materials in the blink of an eye.

Solutions: There are two primary explanations for this phenomenon. The first issue is the sluggish rotating speed of the blades, which may be brought on by food particles being lodged between the joints of the blades. This may be readily remedied by disassembling the blade, cleaning it well by soaking it in warm water and scrubbing it, and making sure that each particle is removed so that the speed can be increased to its full potential.

The blades of the mixer grinder eventually get dull, which is why the grinding process is so sluggish. This makes the mixer grinder inefficient. You may either sharpen the blade by hand with a stone, or you can use the blade to grind rock salt, which will cause the blade to sharpen itself automatically. Both options are available to you if you need to sharpen the blade

  1. Leakage:

One of the most aggravating top juicer mixer grinder-related concerns is the jar leaking since it wastes all the ingredients and causes a mess in the kitchen. It is generally caused owing to three key factors.

Solutions: A damaged rubber gasket that closes the jar’s bottom and stops the ingredients from seeping might cause leakage. Overheating, when the grinder is used for extended durations, may cause a rubber gasket to loosen or melt. After purchasing the necessary rubber gasket from your local home improvement shop, you may do the replacement yourself at your leisure.

Leaks may also occur as a consequence of a fractured jar. It frequently occurs if it is made out of poor-grade materials. For the time being, flex tape may be used to fix it, but it will need to be replaced eventually.

Another cause for leaking is the loose blade which enables the liquid ingredients to escape via the flexible joint. To prevent this, ensure the blade is tight and does not leak.

  1. Overload Tripping:

You may quickly fix this problem in the comfort of your home, a common complaint with hand mixer grinders. It is simply a safety mechanism added to current mixer grinders to prevent the machines from heating up to harmful levels.

Solutions: A mixer grinder can overheat for a variety of reasons. The most essential of them are utilizing excessive ingredients, which may lead to the motor overheating as it is exposed to extreme pressure.

In addition, using a mixer grinder for lengthy periods could cause the motor to overheat due to the friction between the appliance’s components. A defective ventilation system in a mixer grinder may also cause it to overheat if the heat created by the motor cannot escape through the ventilation system.

To prevent the machine from shutting down due to overload, grind your ingredients in several batches rather than all at once. While grinding the ingredients, you should pause the device regularly for short periods. It is also vital to clean the vent at the bottom of the mixer grinder if it gets dusty, as this vent adds to the air circulation in the device.

If the mixer grinder turns off owing to an overload, you may rapidly fix the issue by activating the overload switch, which is frequently placed below the device. After that, wait half an hour for it to cool down before attempting to restart.

  1. Broken Coupler:

A coupler is one of the vulnerable pieces of a mixer grinder because the material it is manufactured with is not sturdy. It is usual for a couple in a mixer grinder to break after a year because the motor turns it at a quick pace.

Solution: You can fix a coupler at home by following specific guides, but I would propose replacing it since mending it at home might take a lot of work which is not worth it because it will fail after a few months.

  1. Stuck Jar:

One of the most frustrating issues with a mixer grinder is when the grinding jar becomes stuck to the unit due to bad bearings. The directions can erode due to the food particles that jam them after entering the approaches via the unsecured blade joints. This may cause the bearings to become damaged. Pouring oil over the motor coupler and turning the device upside down for a few minutes can allow you to free it from its stuck position. Then, using pliers twist it, and it ought to fall out.

Solution: After that, the bearing should be fixed by operating it with no load for two minutes. After that, pour water into the jar until it is about half full, and then let the water run for a few minutes. Because the jar has been fastened at this point, you can simply put it on and take it off.

  1. Stuck Buttons:

When others place the ingredients in the jar, some individuals spill the ingredients, and then they don’t properly clean the mixer grinder afterward. There are many uses of grinder; you can search for uses of mixer grinder. Over time, these ingredients may accumulate within the buttons, which can cause them to get stuck and render them inoperable. Scrubbing them well should take care of the problem. It is possible to take the buttons off certain mixer grinders, making the task much more straightforward.

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Hope you understand the issues with the mixer grinder, the method to fix them, and how to use mixer grinder. If an appliance is not functioning correctly, you should first identify the problem at home before deciding whether to replace it or take it to a repair shop. If it is possible to fix it at home, by all means, do so; otherwise, take it to a qualified technician to get it fixed. In this manner, you may save money throughout the year on the cost of monthly maintenance for your home appliances.