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Pros, How to Use a Clothes Steamer Properly

Clothes streamer

A cloth steamer is an appliance that utilizes hot steam, generally exceeding 180 degrees Celsius. A cloth steamer is in hot demand in this contemporary world, where people tend to stand out from everyone. Before we proceed to the ‘how to part, we must be familiar with a steamer’s many advantages.

Advantages of a Cloth Steamer

Steaming is generally considered better than dry cleaning and ironing as far as the perseverance of the quality is concerned. Steaming takes 10 to 15 minutes and is worth the investment, given its various perks. As the temperature exceeds 180 degrees Celsius, the bacteria that has accumulated over time gets killed, creating a win-win situation. In addition to this, the creases are dealt with effectively. A Cloth steamer is also an eco-friendly way to add freshness to the fabric.

The Process

To properly use a cloth steamer, the following steps are prerequisites.

  1. Fill the steamer tank
  2. Turn the steamer on
  3. Put your garment on a hanger
  4. Run the nozzle over your garment
  5. Let the garments dry properly


1: Fill the steamer tank

Clothes streamer

 The first and foremost step to take is to fill the steamer tank with distilled water, to be particular. Distilled water is free of minerals and contaminants and is favorable to use in the steamer. Underground water disperses harm on the cloth and the appliance by reducing its efficiency and creating a shorter life. It is the water that will evaporate and cause steam.

2: Turn the steamer on

Clothes streamer

Followed by this, we need to turn the steamer on by plugging in the socket on a nearby switchboard. Typically, the appliance is ready for use within 3-5 minutes. Therefore, do not directly use the steamer after plug-in.

3: Put your garment on a hanger

Garment Streamer

What we have next on the list is the placement of the cloth on a hanger. It is unfavorable to place the fabric on an iron stand, as steaming is done correctly on an upright-placed material. It is important to hang them in a place where all sections of the clothes are reachable.

4: Run the nozzle over your garment

Garment Streamer

The fourth step is to run the nozzle over the garment. A nozzle is a device that exists on a steamer that gives direction. It is essential to move the nozzle continuously to avoid the accumulation of moisture. Also, keeping the nozzle away from the cloth some inches away is vital. A top-to-bottom movement will work the best due to the downward pressure, i.e., gravity.

5: Let the garments dry properly

Garment Streamer

The last step is to dry the garments correctly. Drying the steamed cloth before placing it in the closet is essential to get rid of the wet spots that are rife.


We reach an end here. We need to follow the abovementioned steps to accurately use an electric steamer without neglecting the advantages. We can purchase a high-quality electric steamer from an e-commerce store or a nearby local market. We should not forget to keep the steamer clean to increase durability.