Juicer Blender Price in Pakistan

Your lifestyle defines your personality. That’s why most of the people prefer to redecorate the look of their home with modern household and kitchen appliances. These electronics products/items don’t help them merely to update their lifestyle but also make their life meaningful. Now, you could perform your tasks in a smart way like cooking food fast and cleaning all household mess easily.

In Pakistan, women spend most of their time in the kitchen to cook delicious food items. That’s why they look for multiple kitchen appliances that could assist them chop and blend eatable items. These electronics items make their cooking area smart, and let them perform kitchen tasks without facing irritating situations.

Cooking is a form of art, and kitchen appliances make it more alluring. That’s why we add a magnetic collection of blenders & mixers on our online store. These blenders and mixers belong to famous brands and quickly capture the attention of a huge market of clients. Well, blenders and mixers prices in Pakistan depend on their innovation. So, people feel good to pay for those products. We classify blenders & mixers as hand blenders, juicer blenders, hand mixers, and food mixers as per the performance of each product.

Hand blenders:

Hand blenders are included in the list of important kitchen appliances due to their efficiency. These consume an average amount of electric energy and blend food in a convenient way. You only require a jar that should be full of edible items and mix the items by holding the jar in hand. Well, blenders and mixers prices in Pakistan also rely on the usefulness of relevant products coz you could move hand blenders as per your requirement of the blending outcome.

Juicer blenders:

Healthy life relies on healthy diet, so several people prefer to intake fresh juice of various kinds of fruit and vegetables. Juicer blenders are usually employed to extract the juice of fresh fruit and vegetables in a perfect way; plus, different blenders and mixers in Pakistan are in high demand.

Food mixers:

Food mixers are great tools in a kitchen that allow the performance of baking tasks such as beating eggs, mixing cream butter & sugar, and mixing the dough and complete batter. These are one of the most powerful kitchen appliances that rotate at a high speed and blend the hard items in a few minutes. The mixers are really helpful for bakers coz some miscible items which are not easy to be mixed through hands are perfectly mixed through them.

Hand mixers:

Hand mixers are also used for mixing some tough butter but in a different way. So, you don’t have to transfer that into specific containers for mixing. You could handle this mixing in one hand blender and move the item as per your requirement. The blenders and mixers prices in Pakistan are reliable & available at our online store, and the relevant products have effective performance, so these attract most of our Pakistani clients.

Blenders and mixers at IttefaqSay:

The collection of kitchen and household appliances updated the living standards of people and made their life more meaningful. If you’re looking for the latest blenders and mixers at a reasonable price, you’re at the right place. Each blender or mixer that is present at our online store belongs to some genuine brand/company, and our pricing strategy relies on blenders and mixers prices in Pakistan as well. Therefore, pick your favourite piece from our huge collection, and place an order on our website. We’d dispatch the order at your doorstep, and we’d stay in touch until the completion of your order and satisfaction.

Juicers Price List

Juicers Price in Pakistan PKR
Kenwood Blender BLP15.360WH Rs 11,500.00
Kenwood BLP-360 Hand Blender Rs 7,999.00
Kenwood TCP-01 2 Slice Toaster White Rs 4,500.00
Kenwood SB-255 Smoothie Blender Rs 8,000.00
Kenwood BLP-10 Blender Rs 9,500.00
Kenwood BLP-44 With Mill Glass Blender Rs 10,900.00
Kenwood HMP-20 Hand Mixer Food Preparation Rs 7,500.00
Philips HR3652/00 Blender-Silver Rs 31,199.00
Philips HR2223/00 Blender White Rs 19,999.00
Philips HR2222/00 Blender Core White Rs 15,999.00

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