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Oven Price in Pakistan on IttefaqSay

Baking is one of the most multipurpose approaches of cooking. From the dessert, bread and meat, baking is magical for your food and provides you with a number of various options when the matter is of your meals. The oven is actually a healthy alternative to high-oil approaches of cooking like frying. That’s why investing in a good oven might be one of the best things you do for your kitchen. But this could be confusing if you don’t know where to start looking for this appliance. So, here’s an idea of the kinds of ovens you could expect to find in the market.

Electric ovens:

An electric oven is convenient for a kitchen that has a gas oven, but these kitchens don’t have built-in ovens or cooking ranges. The gas oven is usually small, and many people keep an electric oven for baking because this appliance is highly convenient.

Microwave ovens:

Everyone is most possibly familiar with microwave ovens. These well-designed appliances might not cook food the same way as a gas or electric oven might do. But the ovens could reliably cook quick meals such as cup-noodles and microwave mug desserts.

Built-in ovens:

Such ovens are meant to fit into your walls and are powered by electricity. These machines are incredibly beneficial for kitchens that have more wall space and offer smooth and modern look for your overall space.

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Microwaves Price List

Microwaves Price in Pakistan PKR
Dawlance DCT 9630 S A Series Kitchen Hood Rs 44,000.00
Philips HD3060/62 330W Viva Collection Rice Cooker-Black Rs 19,999.00
Philips HD3132/68 650W Rice Cooker-Bronze Rs 15,999.00
Philips HD2137/62 1000W Viva Collection Electric Pressure Cooker Rs 34,999.00
Philips HD2139/65 1000W Electric Pressure Cooker-Bronze Rs 29,999.00
Philips HD4911/00 2100W Daily Collection Induction Cooker-Black Rs 17,999.00
Philips HD9654/91 XXL Premium Air Fryer-Black Rs 69,999.00
Philips HD9270/90 XL Essential Air Fryer-Black Rs 45,999.00
Philips HD9200/20 Essential Air Fryer-White Rs 25,999.00
Philips HD9200/90 Essential Air Fryer-Black Rs 25,999.00

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