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Buy Refrigerators in Pakistan at a Variety!

Refrigerators are essential for any household in the present. Refrigerators in Pakistan are now a must-have appliance, providing the ideal food storage solutions and keeps foods fresh over a prolonged duration as the cooling chain process eliminates bacteria while maintaining the cleanliness that is needed and that’s why it’s essential to purchase a top quality Refrigerator. You can search for the top Fridge cost for Pakistan for your commercial or home use and the best thing is that you can locate various refrigerators in reasonable prices. If you’re searching for the price of a mini refrigerator in Pakistan or a double door refrigerator cost in Pakistan and a smaller size fridge prices in Pakistan and a medium-sized refrigerator price in Pakistan or perhaps an inverter refrigerator to choose one that is the most and purchase the fridge on the internet in Pakistan for a variety on IttefaqSay Electronics!

Get The Best Refrigerator Price in Pakistan Online on IttefaqSay

Are you looking to get your hands on the most affordable refrigerator prices in Pakistan? Then look no further, Ittefaqsay offers a wide selection of fridges as well as freezer which you can buy online . The list includes single and double door refrigerator with small and medium sizes from the top brands of appliances in Pakistan such as Gree, Dawlance, Haier, Kenwood, and more from flagship stores that are official. On Ittefaqsay you will discover a wide selection of room fridge prices in Pakistan as well as commercial refrigerators in Pakistan. With discounts of Ittefaqsay sales on the small size refrigerators in Pakistan 2022 and the room fridge prices in Pakistan 2022, even during this time, you will get great deals and discounts on the top brands of fridges and have them delivered right at your doorstep hassle-free!

Why should you shop for refrigerators at IttefaqSay?

IttefaqSay is Pakistan’s one of the biggest e-commerce platform that allows you to avoid the frustration of shopping in overcrowded shops and head right to the section that lets you have what you’ve been looking for delivered directly to your doorstep at just two buttons. It also gives you access to the lowest Refrigerator prices available on IttefaqSay with special discounts.

Fridges & Freezers Price List

Fridges & Freezers Price in Pakistan PKR
Dawlance DW-374 Microwave Oven Rs 16,000.00
Dawlance DW-550 AF With Air Fryer Rs 33,000.00
Dawlance DW-131HP Microwave Oven Rs 21,500.00
TCL 75″ 75P715 UHD Android TV Rs 230,000.00
EcoStar 65″ CX-65UD961A+ Android UHD Smart 4K LED TV Rs 170,000.00
KJ200F Haier Air Purifier With Hepa Filter Timer 15M2 50W Rs 17,200.00
Dawlance Air Fryer DWAF-3013 3L Rs 18,500.00
Dawlance MD-4 N Microwave Oven Rs 15,500.00
Dawlance 9191 Chrome LVS Copper Refrigerator Rs 65,000.00
Dawlance 9191 WB Chrome LVS Hairline Black Refrigerator Rs 65,000.00

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